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AF Requests 20:Portal Cake & Black Forest Cake

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Uploaded: 21st Feb 2016 at 8:11 PM
AF Requests 20: Black Forest and Portal Cake
Requested by MadamTenshPrime

This was an interesting request that took awhile to get too. I ended up making a small mistake by making the original request as a regular black forest cake. I was asked to make the cake from a game called Portal. After making the black forest cake, I did not want to throw the texture away because I thought it looked pretty decent and would make another lovely addition to bakeries. So I've decided to add my flawed portal cake along side with the portal cake. These are more cakes that your sims won't have to bake. Both cakes are cloned from gelatin and can be popped from the fridge all day long. To find these cakes, just look in the fridge tab “AF Requests PreM” or “Make Many”.

Portal Cake Polycount)

In Plate- 691

Black Forest Cake Polycount)

Additional Credits:
Thanks to MadamTenshPrime idea for these wonderful cakes, Milkshape3d,Adobe photoshop,Simpe, and google images.