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dARE's ComPutOr

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Uploaded: 11th May 2017 at 5:48 PM
I have never liked the EAxis tower-type computers on the desktops. It looks so gauche, so unsafe, so...wrong. My desk would break if I put my server tower on it!

Here I have attempted to create a computer that looks like it belongs on the desktop, without hiding it under a clunky monitor. I wanted something that looked both unfamiliar and realistically possible. After a few redesigns, and a nod to Daedalus Industries' dedication to adding transparent glass to everything, I think I'm happy with this model. I hope you like it, too.

I've included some recolors in the package to provide a little variety. There is a new subset, as well, so you can choose a color for the monitor stand independently of the overall color of the computer.

Some technical info:
All textures are EAxis, with some manipulation in GIMP
GUID-d586CE10, face count-1821, in-game price-3000, Catalog placement- Electronics>TV and Computer

KNOWN ISSUES: I tried to add transparency to all the screens that pop up while using computers in Sims 2, [IMG]transparent.jpg[/IMG] but a few (like blog or write novel)[IMG]screen-writenovel.jpg[/IMG] evidently have other masters that override my attempts. I'll fix it eventually, hopefully . Any advice or instruction is welcome.

Tools used: SimPE, Blender 2.77, GIMP 2.8

Self-promotion: I notice I let my upcoming Maxwell Lord Desk sneak into a couple of the pictures. It is not only a monster of a desk, but will come with a whole office suite of matching furniture and accessories.

Polygon Counts:
cd - 192
groundshadow - 5
computercheap-computer - 493
metal - 1003
screen - 128

Additional Credits:
Thanks to:
Quaxi and the team for SimPE
for his Blender tutes that greatly improved my UV mapping
JWoods and Lethe_S for the Blender version of Start to finish Object Creation tutorial