Community Spirit Entries (No CC)

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Uploaded: 28th May 2017 at 4:56 AM
I decided to upload my entries for joandsarah77’s Community Spirit contest. It hasn’t finished yet, but it’s fine to upload entries already, and I’m going to use CC for the last round so it couldn’t go into this no CC bundle anyway. The contest is a foundation challenge with limited budget, so all the foundations were provided by Jo, and I couldn’t do everything I wanted, I had to restrict myself in order to fit within the limit. Those lots are my original entries, the only difference is a little detail in the first round house – for the contest purposes I edited it after packing – I had to add a smoke alarm as it was one of the requirements I forgot about, and in order to afford it I had to sell one of the lamps that are hidden in walls. So the appearance is no different, but the version in this upload has one more lamp but no smoke alarm. and hence the slight difference between here and the original entry. Round 3 house was packed before placing a landline phone, so the difference in price is even less noticeable.

All the lots were packed before I moved any sims in, so they’re safe to install. I’m sure I didn’t use all the packs for all the lots, so despite the fact that they were packed with UC, it’s worth a shot with Clean Installer if you don’t have a pack that isn’t AL or MG. All of them were built in a desert hood and they fit desert best, but you can place them in a grass hood and they’ll look alright too.

Round 1
Lot size: 2x2
Price: §25000
The budged limit was 25k, and I managed to reach exactly that (but as I mentioned the price in the contest is different because of that smoke alarm & lamp thing). It was built as a house for a couple expecting a baby (hence the nursery), and I decided for the modern style with Tiki elements.

Round 2
Lot size: 3x2
Price: §35000
As you can guess, the limit was 35k, and I again reached the exact number. This house is supposed to be a kind of party type couple who likes dancing, BBQ, and relaxing by the pool. I went with modern design mixed with Moroccan for an eclectic effect. Similarly to the previous round, I hid a smoke alarm in the wall.

Round 3
Lot size: 3x2
Price: §49911
This time the limit was 50k, and the lot costs just slightly less. The house is designed for a sporty sim who wanted a modern home. I decided to build it not really on the provided foundation, so it might look a bit strange, but I like it The packed version doesn’t have a landline phone so place it if you don’t want to use cellphones instead. Similarly to the previous round, I hid a smoke alarm in the wall.

Round 4
Lot size: 2x2
Price: §80000
Exact price again! The family this house is supposed to be for is a retired hippie couple who loves art, flea markets, gardening, and recycled furniture. According to contest rules I could go crazy and mix plenty of styles and it’d still be fitting, but I decided to keep it harmonious and mixed Tiki with oriental touches In this house I used a sprinkler instead of a smoke alarm.

Additional Credits:
joandsarah77 for the contest and foundations.