Contempto Adirondack Rocking Chair

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Uploaded: 31st Oct 2018 at 7:01 AM
A rocking Chair to match the Contempto Adirondack Chair, Loveseat and OutdoorLiving Lounge, unfortunately it doesn't actually rock but I am sure your Elder Sims will still enjoy sitting in it.

This was partially inspired by a popular Aussie song, written in 1974 by Wally Johnson and Bob Brown, "Give Me a Home Among The Gum Trees" (linked to YouTube, just in case you would like to hear it). The chorus "Give me a home among the gum trees, with lots of plum trees, a sheep or two, a kangaroo, a clothesline out the back, verandah out the front and an old rocking chair", had always been a dream for me, until my parents moved onto 222 acres of farming and bushland, with my sister and her family, then I realised I am a city slicker through and through and it was never going to happen.

"Go country right in your living room with this almost genuine Adirondack rocking chair from Contempto. Invite your mates, their mates and anyone at all who enjoys a leisurely rock on clean slats of unfinished wood."

These are base game compatible, no EP's or SP's required!

Found: Buy Mode > Comfort > Living Chairs. Price: §500.
Cloned From: Contempto Adirondack Chair. Poly Counts: 1998.
Subsets: 2 - pillow and wood - both slaved to the Contempto Adirondack Chair. Comfort: 6.

Files have been compressed and checked in game. A screenshot is included in the zip file.

Polygon Counts:
Contempto Adirondack Rocking Chair - 1998

Additional Credits: SimPE - CEP - GIMP - Milkshape - UV Mapper - Homecrafter Plus - Gadwin PrintScreen - The Compressorizer - Maxis/EA Games and MTS.
The writers of Give Me a Home Among The Gum Trees, Bob Brown and Wally Johnson and for the lyrics quoted above.