8 Chantilly Lace Dresses in Gemstone Colors

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Uploaded: 23rd Feb 2019 at 5:13 PM
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8 Chantilly Lace Dresses in Gemstone Colors YAF+AF

Hello Everyone . . .

It's been a LONG time since I've created or submitted anything; over a decade now. WHERE did the time go? : o

Recently I had the 'urge' to be 'creative' and ended up with these 8 Chantilly Lace Dresses in Gemstone Colors!

All of these dresses come with a Bracelet in either Gold, White Gold or Silver Gunmetal.

These Dresses can be worn by Young Adult and Adult Females and they are Categorized as both Everyday and Formal Wear.

At the last minute I did test these for Elder Females, but as I suspected the dress is cut a bit too low for them; at least using the default skin tones as I do. *Funny SideNote*: When testing how the dress would be for elders, my 'test elder' suddenly coughed LOUDLY . . . I jumped/was startled by this and about fell out of my chair! :\ haha

**NOTICE: There IS an anomaly with the Original (Maxis Made) Mesh. Where the sleeve connects to the dress, near the bottom of the shoulder/upper chest/arm pit side, there are (at times) 'holes' that are noticeable depending on 'how' your Sim is moving their arm(s) OR how the camera is positioned. It's not terrible, BUT at times briefly noticeable. You can see examples of this by looking at the images showing either side of the dress.**

*TO INSTALL: Download and Unzip into your Downloads Directory; make sure your game is NOT running while installing.
*FOR CD-ROM/DVD PLAYERS: The base for these dresses ( afbodydressmosaic_red ) is from the H&M Fashion Stuff Pack and so the H&M Fashion Stuff Pack IS REQUIRED.
*TO UNINSTALL: Delete the files from your Downloads Directory; make sure your game is NOT running while uninstalling.

Have Fun and As Always . . . Enjoy!


Additional Credits:

Delphy and the MTS Staff - Thank You Everyone!

Quaxi and the SimPE Staff - Thank You Everyone!

Eyes: Gummilutt-Bruno's Behind these Eyes Maxified (Defaults): http://www.modthesims.info/d/544683...s-maxified.html

Makeup EyeLiner+Shadow: by Bruno: http://modthesims.info/m/11431

Makeup Lipstick:Create-A-Lip Workshop by SleepyTabby: http://modthesims.info/d/526642/cre...p-workshop.html