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Landgraab Country Club - NO CC

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Uploaded: 23rd Jun 2020 at 11:34 PM
"I'm telling you, if you sell now, before the announcement next week, you stand to see a much higher rate of return than you'll be able to hope for for years afterwards!"

The two men left the opulent wood-paneling of the locker rooms in the basement and took the elevator back to the ground floor, heading out to the verandah for a quick drink before their tee time. As they walked down the airy paneled hallways of the clubhouse, the wealthier of the two kept up his commentary on the financial benefits to his proposal, never allowing the other a chance to question any of his points.

"And the third quarter returns you're expecting are already starting to slip, you know that as soon as word of that reaches the press, I won't be able to convince the board to offer you even a tenth of what I'm offering you today... honestly old man, there's not a single reason for you not to take the opportunity here and now!"

Their drinks arrived and the one-sided conversation continued, with the one keeping up a running stream of financial and administrative justifications of questionable merit, while the other seemed more interested in watching the fountains that dotted the water features of the course. It was clear to any onlookers that while his mind wasn't made up, this conversation was having no real impact on his thoughts on the matter.

"Pardon me Mr. Richmond, Mr. Whitaker, but it is now your tee time, if you'd care to follow me. Mr. Richmond, our wife is already waiting by the cart," one of the country club's staffers provided. Richmond and his prospective partner left the remains of their drinks at the table and walked down the stairs to the course's first hole, a new teenage caddy sweating nervously in their wake.

The three of them began their game in reasonably good spirits, considering the weight of the decision that hung over their heads. Anyone passing by would have though the caddy the most nervous of the lot, clearly not yet used to hearing such large sums of money bandied about anywhere other than the evening news. Whitaker seemed happier to make small talk with Mrs. Richmond than to listen what was clearly an oft-repeated one-sided conversation with Mr. Richmond, but occasionally did make observations of his own, asking for clarification here, or a justification there.

"I understand your point Richmond, but you have to understand that I have a responsibility to my own employees as well- you may have spent your entire career in publicly traded companies, but a major part of why I've been as successful as I have been is the work of my team, and I can't ignore them and only think of my own profits," Whitaker interjected on the 6th hole. His first swing went wild, the ball splashing into the stream that cut across the middle of the fairway, and he cursed under his breath. "Can't we leave off until we finish this game?"

Mr. Richmond laughed and after a pause agreed, but said that he'd always found conversations on the course to be much more fruitful than conversations in the boardroom. "Tell you what old man, if you beat me at the 8th hole, I'll leave off completely until you're able to talk with your employees next week, but if I win, you have to at least let me keep on during dinner!"

Whitaker gave a somewhat forced laugh, but clearly Richmond was getting to him, and his mind was elsewhere as he teed off on the 8th hole's notorious dogleg. It wasn't a terrible first stroke, but it gave him a poor angle for his next, and Richmond somehow managed to land his shot right where he needed to reach the green. Whitaker's next stroke landed in the sand of the right bunker, while Richmond was on the green, an easy putt to make par.

"I guess I'm in for another couple hours of why your plan is the best thing since sliced bread," Whitaker sighed as they made their way to the 9th hole. He at least had the gratification of winning the round, and the three of them were still in good spirits as they made their way back to the clubhouse.

All three took some time to relax after a morning in the full sun, with Mrs. Richmond declaring that she was long overdue for a massage, and Mr. Richmond and Mr. Whitaker playing a friendly game of comparatively low-stakes 5-card draw before dinner.

Even with the threat of another evening's lecturing on how he should run his company, Whitaker seemed to be enjoying his dinner, and both Mr. and Mrs. Richmond were well known enough to receive the best of service from the club's staff. True to form, Mr. Richmond still spent most of the meal talking up his merger proposal, but that kind of speech was easier to ignore over filet mignon and a glass of Bordeaux than it would otherwise have been. After drinks and dessert were cleared away, Mr. and Mrs. Richmond had the valet bring their car around, and Mr. Richmond reminded Whitaker of their conference the following Tuesday. Whitaker smiled tactfully, and said he hoped that there would at least be something new to discuss by then, as they seemed to have covered everything already. Laughing, Mr. Richmond drove off, and as Whitaker waited for his own car to pull into the roundabout in front of the clubhouse, he once again wondered how it would be best to proceed.


Corporate drama being hashed out on a golf course seems rather trite, but I couldn't think of a better excuse to walk through everything that's part of this upload, so you'll have to forgive me (for that, and for my obvious lack of experience with golf in general!) This seemed like an interesting idea for a summertime upload though, and since some of my other lots that are more for neighborhood decoration than actual use have been surprisingly well received, I figured this might be a welcome addition to some of your fancier neighborhoods too!

There are 10 different lots in total, one for the clubhouse and outdoor facilities like pools, dance floors, and tennis courts, and 9 different holes, making up what I believe is termed an executive course (correct me if I'm wrong). The 9 holes almost all have no real reason to visit, but they make for pleasant green space in neighborhood view, and you can arrange them however you like to create a course winding through your neighborhood, with fancy homes overlooking the fairways for your wealthier Sims!

There's a fair bit of variety in the size and orientation of the different holes that make up the course, so hopefully you'll be able to make things work for whatever plan you come up with. The sizes and prices for each of the 10 lots included here are listed below, since the search function won't allow for more than one lot at a time. I assume the only lot most of you will actually play is the clubhouse, and I did test it pretty thoroughly, so everything there should work more or less exactly how you expect it to (and it's not all that large a building for a 5x6 lot, so hopefully it won't be too big a drag on any of your computers!)

As for the photos, they're all from clones of the lots, so none of them have been visited or owned by any Sims before being uploaded (although that should be less of a concern with community lots anyway, I understand). I will say that the two shots of Sims actually playing golf are staged using move_objects and the Execuputter career reward object, so you can do the same for storytelling purposes easily enough, but your Sims won't be able to actually just play golf outright.

As always, there's no CC included anywhere in this upload, so you should be able to use it straightaway as long as you have all the EPs and SPs. If you do find yourself running into trouble, let me know and I'll try to figure out what's causing problems and get it fixed.


Lot Sizes and Prices
Hole 1.........3x5...$18,807
Hole 2.........4x5...$28,611
Hole 3.........4x5...$33,798
Hole 4.........3x5...$17,132
Hole 5.........5x3...$18,804
Hole 6.........3x5...$26,332
Hole 7.........5x4...$30,647
Hole 8.........4x5...$27,581
Hole 9.........6x5...$46,966

Lot Size: 6x5
Lot Price (furnished): $590,626