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Londoste - Maxis Makeover

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Uploaded: 1st Jan 2021 at 5:20 AM
"Since hiring a highly praised young Head Chef a few years ago, Londoste has built a reputation of serving deliciously modern foods infused with wonderful flavors."

Downtown's finest dining establishment, Londoste, has received a much needed makeover, with the once-young Head Chef who took over more than a decade ago deciding the place's d?cor no longer matched the restaurant's upscale tastes. In a way, Londoste has freshened up by looking backwards. The 'H' shaped floor plan remains, but the dining spaces are now separated by a larger two-story entrance and waiting area. The west wing features fine dining, but please limit your party to 6 or fewer. Reservations must be made in advance, and the waitlist can be long during the holiday season. The east wing includes the bar, casual dining, bathrooms, and a high-stakes poker table. Please remember that Londoste maintains a strict dress code.

Pretentious description aside, nothing too complicated about this makeover. I've always thought that Londoste had a pretty good base as an upscale restaurant, though the interior left a lot to be desired. I pulled this renovation off pretty quickly - small edits to the shape of the building, an improved floorplan (the original entrance was too small and a routing nightmare), nice new hardwood floor, some Tudor style improvements, and some fittingly expensive furnishings.

Lot has been playtested and I found no issues. As always, if you find any please let me know. I hope you enjoy playing it!

Check out my other Maxis Makeovers on my page as I slowly remake Downtown into the urban nightlife hub it was always meant to be.

Custom Content Not Included But Recommended:
Plasticbox's Dutch Still Life paintings are used in the formal dining room. They are not included and will display as the standard paintings if not downloaded. Not crucial, but a nice add for ambiance. Found at MTS.
The photos were taken with the help of Simlogical's Formal Sign, which allows you to force NPCs and your family to wear formal outfits on the lot. Not included but highly recommended and found here.
HugeLunatic's "Rugs zMOG!! Off Grid!! was used to place the entrance center rug off center. Not allowed to be included in lots, but a must have. Available here at MTS

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price (furnished): 176213

Custom Content Included:
- Floral Centerpiece by Numenor