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The diPietro family | NO CC

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Uploaded: 3rd Jan 2021 at 4:57 PM

I'm here to share with you guys a household I've made for my save file (still working on it), the diPietro!
There are 4 Sims in this family: a single Father - named Allison; and his three children: Logan. Madlin and Simon.


This family rocks! They have a sad story, though. The mother died from scratching disease (happens often when the body gets infected by a virus that makes you scratch your skin... too much) right after little Madlin was born. Alisson, the father, suffered in the beggining, because he didn't have any idea of how is to rise children by himself, without the presence of his beloved wife. At the moment, he is unemployed... he hasn't decided yet which carreer he wishes to follow. The only thing he's sure is that he wants his family to achieve successfulness. The children are polite and love their father... they also miss their mother, and, for the low age, they don't understand clearly what happened. They decided to move to Willow Creek to start a new life.


Alisson is from Brindleton Bay. He was born in 1990, where his parents had risen a legacy in the vet clinic area that he doens't wish to follow. When he graduated from school, he decided to move to Britechester to start law school, where he met the woman who would become his wife: Albania. Even though he was enjoying the classes, he decide to leave it, feeling that he wouldn't be happy with this choice. After that, he moved to Newcrest, where, after finishing her studies, Albania joined him. They had two boys, and, after she gave birth to their first daughter, she passed away. Trying to forget this terrible event, he decided to move with this children to Willow Creek to start a new life from scratch.


Logan is a very smart kid. He loves to learn new things everyday. Currently, he is obsessed with the green color... that's why his wardrobe is all green!


Simon is three years younger than his brother Logan. He sees his brother as his hero. They love each other, love to talk and play in the playgrounds around the neighbourhood. He's also a talktive kid.


Madlin is a sweet girl and the yougest of the family. She has her mother features. She doesn't really understand why her mother went way when she was born. She misses her. She loves to read and to talk to other kids of her age. She is the smartest of her class. And she loves to paint as a hobby!

Well, that's it!

Feel free to play with them!