Casablanca Hookah - Moroccan Styled Restaurant - Updated!

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Uploaded: 2nd Apr 2021 at 2:04 AM
Updated: 4th Apr 2021 at 9:00 AM
Welcome to Casablanca Hookah! A place where you can dine and relax in serenity among the beautiful architecture of Morocco!

( NOTE: I was requested by the moderators to make a darker roof style for this lot, and so I've updated this to two different versions! The tiled roof version will still remain, since many people already downloaded it and liked it. I have added a version with a brown roof in the download section of this upload! For those of you who wish to have it in their game. Both versions of the building are exactly the same except for the roof colors! Both versions also require the mods listed in the CC credits below! )

Hey Simmers! I've been quite busy lately with several different Sims build projects. This is one of them. Casablanca Hookah is a Moroccan themed restaurant featuring the lovely architecture and designs from the warm country of Morocco in northern Africa. As a lover of architecture in many styles, this another favorite of mine. Known as Mughal architecture officially, which is popular in Morroco, and the Arabian countries, and also India. I'm quite pleased with how this finished, and even though I mainly built it for my personal gameplay, I decided to upload it here. It features a nice arched walkway around the lower facade of the building adorned with several Moroccan lanterns that light up serenely at night. The primary domed tower of at the center top of the structure is fitted with a lamp to give it some ambient glow during night hours. The restaurant features traditional cuisine found in Moroccan culture (to the best of my ability in the game) and you can edit it to your liking if desired. You may want to edit the outfits for the workers in the restaurant as well since I used different ones for my own gameplay. There are restrooms adjacent to the kitchen area, as well as pouf seating around the hookahs (bubble blowers) for your Sims to relax after meals. My inspiration for the overall design of the building came from both traditional Mughal style and also the Taj Mahal in India. I built this with the moveObjects cheat on. I built this in Magnolia Promenade, but it can truly be placed anywhere in your game. I hope everyone will like it as much as I do. I know this is a bit different than what you're all used to seeing from me.

I have a much larger project coming in the future that I've been in progress with, and you will see more homes from me in the future as well.


NOTE: Some items I used in the build are included with the tray files in a seperate zipped folder since the original link no longer works!


Casablancan Collection - Vitasims - INCLUDED IN DOWNLOAD

PS Kitchen Tiles - Pralinesims

PS Kitchen Walls - Pralinesims

Moroccan Bedroom - Severinka

Egypt Plant Palm - Mara45123

Morocco Kawtar Set - ThingsByDean

Hexagon Mosaic Tiles - emerald

Moroccan Decor - Severinka

Mirage Double Door - mincsims

Incredibly Private Urinal - Greasy Goods Pack by littledica

Living Morocco Mirror - kardofe

Lot Size: 20x20
Lot Price (furnished): 103,414