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Taj Agra - Moroccan Mughal Style Home

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Uploaded: 23rd May 2021 at 10:30 PM
Greetings!  I present to you all a lovely home built in Moroccan Riad and Indian Mughal style!  The color theme here is yellow, white, green and light brown.  Taj Agra is named after the city of Agra, India and the architectural style references the famous Taj Mahal.  Built with Moroccan style tiles in bright colors, it truly gives a beautiful setting among the large domes and towers adoring the roof of the building.  The home was built in the year 1885, and after many generations of ownership it is now ready for a new owner of one Sim or a couple.  A perfect starter, or make it a permanant home for the Sim who wishes to live alone in luxury!  The lot features a gorgeous garden and two courtyards under the colorful stone and tiled archways.  There is a place for a relaxing tea hour or to play a game of chess in the garden among the marble fountains.  The home features one bedroom and one full bathroom.  The kitchen is small, but well equipped with everything needed to keep your Sim alive.  I hope this home will bring tranquility to your towns, and you can place it on any 20x15 lot that you please.  Happy Simming!

As I often do, I built this home with the moveObjects cheat turned on!