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Three Traits for Servos: Unemotional, Uncreative, and Incompetent Cook

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Uploaded: 20th May 2021 at 2:15 PM
Updated: 20th Aug 2021 at 11:23 PM
UPDATE 2021-08-20
I've changed the Reward Trait Store price of all three traits to 50 points. I didn't like them being in the middle of other reward traits; my OCD kept making me want to buy them for my other Sims. This way they are at the bottom, so you can easily skip over them. The only reason I did not make them free is that then they would be mixed in with MissyHissy's Personality Traits, and I wanted these separate.

There was another - more pressing - reason that I wanted to update these, however. I recently discovered that EA broke something in the sickness system, because one of my Servos developed Burning Belly. (smh) I mean, really? A robot contracted an illness? Medicine didn't seem to cure it; my Servo continued to be sick, although I discovered that his illness had been changed to Itchy Plumbob. Every time I had him take medicine to remove one illness, another popped up in its stead. This was not happening for normal Sims, only Servos, so this trait seemed the best way to fix the problem.

So I have updated the Unemotional trait to cause illnesses to evaporate quickly. (1000 times more quickly, in fact.) The decay modifier for the buff for contracting a new one has been reduced to zero. I hope that this means that robots won't keep contracting one illness as soon as a previous one is removed.

This aspect is NOT tested yet; I only added this functionality today. If you run into problems like the illnesses continuing to pop up, I may need to change the decay modifier for contracting a new one to a high number, rather than zero. But I felt that this is such a crucial thing to fix (really, EA? Robots getting sick? Wth are you thinking?) that I wanted to implement it immediately, tested or not.

You can still download the previous versions, if you don't want an untested element in your game.

I don't know about you, but when I have a Servo in the family, I envision it as a robot, which will do work around the house without getting in the way.  The idea of a robot having a Fun and Social need just irritates me.  I also dislike having the robot autonomously do certain things that I prefer to reserve for my human Sims.

So I created these three traits, which can all be used simultaneously or each by itself.  Each trait affects only one aspect of the things I wish to change for robots.  I do NOT recommend attaching any of these traits to a human Sim, for reasons that will become clear.

Reward Store cost: 1500

Reward Store cost: 1500

This next trait is optional.  (I suppose they all are.)  I don't want my robots trying to cook or bartend; my Sims with Fresh Chef, Essence of Flavor, and the Stoves and Grills traits will do that, thankyouverymuch.  Robots, you stay out of the kitchen, stay away from my kids, stay away from my guests.  Stick to gardening, cleaning, and fixing things, and otherwise stay out of my way.

Incompetent Cook
Reward Store cost: 500

Originally I had based this last trait on the Culinarily Inept trait that homunculus420 had created.  In my experience, that trait has been broken since the Snowy Escape patch, and I wanted it in my game.  This is now sufficiently different from that trait that I wouldn't want people getting confused between them.  Because I made mine specifically with robots in mind, theirs does some things mine doesn't do, and mine does some things that theirs doesn't do.

These traits are not advantageous for a Sim, so I recommend using them only for Servos.  Of course, how you want to play your game is up to you; I would personally get very frustrated at a skill taking 20x longer to learn than normal.

I do not want any of these three traits randomly appearing on townies, so I made them reward store traits.  I made them relatively inexpensive, because they are not advantageous.  If you want them, you should be able to purchase them for your Servos pretty early on.  I didn't want to make them free, because I always need ways to spend satisfaction points that Sims build up, and Servos don't have much to spend theirs on.

I have tested these now in multiple games, and they seem to do exactly what I intend for them to do.  If someone encounters a bug with one of them, please let me know so I can look into it.

Note: There are some packs I don't own, including all of the kits.  If there are specific bugs relating to those packs, I will have no way of testing it.  I will try to fix those bugs, but I can never offer any guarantees.

For anyone who has questions about making Durability and/or Charge either decay more slowly or stop decaying completely, I'm working on something separate for those.

Zerbu for Mod Constructor.  Amazing utility.  I don't think I need to say more.  
Scumbumbo and Triplis for XML Injector, and making traits able to be reward traits.  If not for this, I wouldn't be posting these, because they would still have to be applied to a Sim via a cheat.
Missyhissy for helping me A LOT with these.  If it weren't for Missyhissy, I would never have been able to make them reward traits.  I've made over a dozen traits in the past, but have never posted any of them, because they have always had to be applied by cheats.  She pointed me in the right direction, walked me through the XML Injector code that I needed, AND never complained when I bugged her constantly for two or three days with questions and confusions.  She was amazingly patient.  Thank you VERY MUCH, Missyhissy!  If it weren't for you, I would never have posted these!
Coolspear for his many mods that I still use, including one that brings up a cheat menu that - among many other things - allows a trait to be directly added to a Sim.
homunculos420 for the original Culinarily Inept trait.