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Extended Buffs - updated for 1.67

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Uploaded: 9th May 2013 at 5:21 AM
Updated: 8th Mar 2014 at 5:11 AM
Yes, I finally got around to updating to patch 1.67, so I've been able to update this. If you had continued to use this and you had upgraded to patch 1.67, it wouldn't have broken your game, but your Sims would have been unable to get any of the newer moodlets associated with the new patch.

This mod will change the time that various buffs will last in game. If you're like me, and usually play on Epic settings, having some of these moodlets last only a day is pretty ridiculous. This IS similar to the mod Rainbow Brite made a while back, but is updated to work with the newer expansions. (See technical notes below.)

This mod changes the time for the following buffs:
First Kiss (Default: 1 day)
First Romance (Default: 2 days)
It's a Boy! (Default: 1 day)
It's a Girl! (Default: 1 day)
It's Triplets! (Default: 1 day)
It's Twins! (Default: 1 day)
Just Married (Default: 2 days)
Newly Engaged (Default: 1 day)

And in order to keep things balanced, I also included the following with similar increases:
Heart Broken (Default: 2 days)
Mourning (Default: 2 days)

I felt it was only fair that if the positive ones last longer, the negative ones should last longer, too. Plus I thought it was silly that a Sim would mourn someone's death for only a couple of days!

Only use ONE of these versions in your game - they will conflict with each other!

This mod was created with all expansions except Island Paradise and Into the Future installed. It shouldn't make any difference if you have that EP, however. Buffs from both expansions are listed in the XML file, I just didn't change any of them.

This mod was originally made with patch version 1.50 (EDIT: updated for 1.55 and 1.63), but will break if any new buffs are added in a patch or expansion pack and will need to be re-uploaded. (The mod may work, it's just that any new buffs that come with the EP or patch may end up not being usable if you have this mod.) In that case I will update it, but if I do not, anyone else can please feel free to make an updated version.

Additional Credits:
Rainbow_Brite for the original mod
Twallan for Master Controller (which allowed me to add moodlets manually so I could test out the times, and which is in general a most awesome mod)
The makers of S3PE because without them, these mods would be much harder to do!