Music Producer Career

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Have dreams of making it big as a music producer? Think you have what it takes to write the next hit that will sweep the nation? The hours are unpredictable, the pay isn’t that great in the beginning, but work hard and fast enough to keep from going broke and one day you just might make it! And once you do, you’ll finally live lavishly.

I made this career back in 2020 and thought I would upload it for all to enjoy

Credit: Devoted to a musical sim I had living in New York City.

This Music Producer career is based at the Theatre and has 10 levels:
No Uniforms
Included Custom Tones
No Opportunities

The Levels
*Please Note* The wage starts very low with a lot of work days required in the beginning then wage increases quite a lot and work days lessen over time to reflect real life success.

Career Wages
Level Wages
1 $6/hour
2 $15/hour
3 $25/hour
4 $40/hour
5 $70/hour
6 $150/hour
7 $200/hour
8 $350/hour
9 $550/hour
10 $1500/hour

Job Descriptions

1. Gum Scraper
Work days: MTWFS

Started from the bottom now…GET TO WORK! There’s plenty of gum under the studio consoles that need scraping off and make sure you spray the rooms after each session in case they get a little funky. You have a long road ahead but stay focused and keep your ears open. Oh, and get to know everyone, you never know who can hook you up.

2. Cable Collector
Work days: TWRFS

Congrats on the promotion! We now need you here a little earlier to sort out the cables and set up the mic’s. It won’t hurt to take notes on what goes where and listen in on some band rehearsals. Also sharpen up your piano skills, some opportunities might be on the horizon.

3. Beat Maker
Work days: MWRF

Alright! Now is the perfect time to get working on improving your skills. Make as many beats as you can in between the other paid studio sessions so you can start to shop them to artists. You may only have 12 plays on Soundcloud right now but success doesn’t start out there, it starts in here…you know…the heart.

4. Ghost Writer
Work days: MTWT

A couple upcoming artists are looking for a fresh new sound, just don’t tell anyone you wrote it. Get busy on the keys and see if you can come up with something. Now might be a good time to get some feedback from the other producers and make some coffee for your boss. It pays to stay fresh in their minds when opportunities are on the table.

5. DAW Groupie
Work days: MWFS

We get it! Nobody knows more out Pro Tools/FL Studio/Logic etc. than you! You’re deep in the terminology and you know how to use a sidechain and quantize midi data in 5 seconds flat, but a puffed-up ego will only take you so far. Stay humble and keep your head down and keep selling your beats. It seems you really might be getting somewhere.

6. Sound Engineer
Work days: MTWR

Lowe and behold, you are now a pro. Nobody else seems to understand why clipping is an issue, it’s a good thing we have you here from 9 to 5. Keep the other producers sweet and keep working on your craft, you are becoming a true master at work.

7. Keen Collaborator
Work days: MTW

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work! Get out of your comfort zone and start networking with people, you never know where one conversation could lead. The world is your oyster, the only thing missing is your confidence outside of the studio. You have worked hard, now you have plenty of days off to go out and work on your charisma skill.

8. Royalty Raker
Work days: MTW

Listen carefully…you hear that? It’s the sound of MONEY!!! That boost in charisma paid off, your new songs and collabs are golden! You come in a few days a week to tweak mixes here and there and STILL make more money than you did when you started. Oh how green the fruits of thy labour have become!

9. Hitmaker
Work days: MWR

You did it. It’s all about you. You smart. You loyal. You the best. Everything you touch turns to gold. All the major labels have their eye on you and all the major artists want to work with you. The people who helped you along the way are now asking you for help. The pretty lights, parties and VIP invites might seem all too inviting but try to stay focused. You’re about to take over the world.

10. Simmy Award Winning Producer
Work days: M TF

YOU MADE IT! Against all the odds, your music has been played in every corner of the globe and you are now a Simmy Award-Winning Producer. The world knows your name. Your fees have gone sky high and people can’t wait to dig deep and pay them. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour. It was all worth it in the end.