Plants vs. Zombies (PvZ) - Animated Plants Pack

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Uploaded: 16th Jul 2021 at 3:54 PM
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Zombies aren't invading your home, but you can have your arsenal of plants from the famous game, Plants vs. Zombies!
Up to 8 unique plants with their own unique features will surely decorate your lawn, plus... Most of them are ANIMATED !!!


List of Plants :

1. Peashooter (§1500)

Who doesn't know the classic and everyone's favorite, Peashooter?
Unfortunately, he's not going to shoot peas anymore, but he can give you peas instead if you ask him nicely.
You can either eat the peas or sell them for money.
A single peashooter produces them once every 3 in-game hours without needing to be tended like any normal garden plants.
Sounds like a great deal, right?

He can also turn your Sim into PlantSim, and vice versa. All you have to do is just ask him.

One more thing, he's cute, especially with his little dance

2. Sunflower (§750)

"~There's a zombie on your lawn!!~"
Ahh, Sunflower... One of the most crucial plants in the game.
Get your sims to bop to her music as she plays Plants Vs. Zombies Original Soundtracks !!!
Sunflower will dance faster when she plays music for you.
Just pick a song and dance!!!

If you'd like to check all the songs out, you can do it here

3. Wallnut (§500)

He's just a nut, staring deep into your soul.

4. Lily Pad (§250)

Lily Pad never complains. Lily Pad never wants to know what's going on.
He must be planted on water, and he's a surface where you can put any decorations on top of him.

5. Jalapeno (§1250)

Feeling mischievous? Angry at a sim? Jalapeno here knows a trick.
Drag him to your sims inventory once you've bought him, go to someone else's house, drag him out from your sims inventory, and ignite him, then just relax and watch the world burn.

6. Torchwood (§1250)

Is your sim freezing because of how cold the temperature is? Don't you worry!!
Torchwood is here to warm your sims up. You can also just throw your money into his eternal flame for no reason, because why not?

7. Plantern (§250)

Are your sims afraid of the dark? Lighten up!! Because you can now have Plantern, who lights up an area, letting you see through the darkness.

8. Flower Pot (§250)

"I'm a pot for planting. Yet I'm also a plant. HAS YOUR MIND EXPLODED YET?"
Yes, this pot is a plant, and he's special. You can put him on the roof, put anything on top of him (decorations, and plants ofc) and he's also stackable.


All these plants are available on build/buy mode under the plant and tree categories.

Polygon Counts :
  • Peashooter = 1766 (High) / 1457 (Medium) / 1210 (Low)
  • Sunflower = 2026(High) / 1517 (Medium) / 1287 (Low)
  • Wall-Nut = 698 (All LODs)
  • Plantern = 926 (All LODs)
  • Torchwood = 6541 (High) / 4125 (Medium) / 3695 (Low) / 4053 (Shadow LODs)
  • Lilypad = 6956 (High)
  • Flower Pot = 350 (All LODs)
  • Jalapeno = 8426 (High) / 6778 (Medium) / 5352 (Low)
  • Pea = 362 (All LODs)


Here's how it'd look in game :

Click here to see the animation

Have fun with your new unique plants to spice up your lawn, Gardener!!


Credits :
- EA for the Peashooter, Sunflower, Wall-Nut, and Plantern's 3D models and textures (ported from The Sims 3 Supernatural Limited Edition Contents), also for the base model for Torchwood, and Flower Pot.
- Laura Shigihara for the Soundtrack, Published by PopCap.
- My friend, ethan324, for helping me out with the mod development.
- My boyfriend for the base structure of the mods, such as the ideas and inspirations :3
- Sims 4 Studio
- TS4 Sound Tool

The whole animations and 3D models of Lily Pad, Torchwood's face, and Jalapeno were made by myself, so it might be a bit janky since it's my first time doing this :p


Plants vs. Zombies was officially released on May 5, 2009, for PC and Mac. PopCap Games and its assets were bought by EA on July 12, 2011.