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Happening Hacienda (No CC)

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Uploaded: 23rd Jun 2018 at 11:51 PM
Introducing the Happening Hacienda...

...blending the beauty of Mediterranean architecture with a modern twist



This beautiful estate marries the perfect blend of Mediterranean architecture with all of the modern amenities and necessities that we've come to expect in a stately estate. Just look at how the home beckons you to come within, greeting you at the foot of your property with a secure gated entrance that helps to give you peace of mind. The front lawn is home to some of the most well-maintained gardens bursting with bright flowers and abundant shrubbery. Guests will be amazed that you've managed to upkeep such a spacious yard with these beautiful floral adornments however you shall not need to mention that at a price range this home asks you surely have a full gardening staff to take care of it all for you.

Come within the home and you'll be taken aback by the massive foyer that is surely fit for suburban royalty. The tall ceilings and massive windows allow the beautiful rays of light to hit your freshly polished tiles. A quaint and cozy seating area is found off to the left when you come in which allows way to the family living room. Access to the outdoors is plentiful in this estate as you'll find one of the many patio doorways in the living room itself. Just look at that woodblock while you're at it, surely this is the best money can buy!

We're sure you'll love entertaining your guests in this home's massive formal dining room which boasts a full-sized bar to boot! Careful attention to detail has allowed this room to surely shine as a main focal point of this grand estate. While you dine on fresh canapes and lashings of sherry the wood appointed wainscoting will remind you of the sizable mortgage this home required you to sign. Just down a few more nightcaps and you'll have a fresh mind that's ready to enjoy the great outdoors with your massive patio and pool.

The kitchen is simply gorgeous and roughly the size of the average penthouse you'll find in the centre of Bridgeport, of course this property costs even more than that would. Needless to say if you're petty enough to be cooking your own meals this kitchen will do just fine for you, however it has been designed with the needs of the private chef in mind.

Find yourself upstairs and you'll be once again shocked at the beauty this home has throughout. Did we yet mention this estate offers you five spacious bedrooms and three bathrooms? We've saved quite the treat for you as the ensuite of the master bedroom is moreso that of a spa than any bathroom you've been in before. Two his and hers standing showers stand to the sides of the massive soaker tub that is what truly makes this ensuite bathroom special. The master bedroom itself is like that of a hotel with a quaint Juliette balcony that overlooks your grand foyer.

The other four bedrooms offer an equal amount of natural light that this home has so much of. The upstairs rooms share access to a full bathroom with standing shower.

Come outdoors to your own private getaway retreat that is your own backyard. A large patio sits proudly before your sizable pool complete with a grandiose water feature. The well-kept gardens continue in the backyard with your very own plot of vegetables waiting to be tended to. You even have an small building in the back which is either suited as a pool house or if you're considerate enough to give your housekeeper their own private quarters to retreat to.


What are you waiting for? This is simply a beautiful home that will keep on giving to you and yours in the many years to come! Look past that massive price tag and think about the fun everlasting memories this property will bring you. Who cares about how poor of a state the housing market is in when you can boast to your co-workers about the palatial estate you get to come home to every evening? Just sign on the dotted line and fork over half of your life savings to truly enjoy a lifestyle that many can only dream of having...

Lot Size: 64x64
Lot Price (furnished): 232,649
Lot Price (unfurnished): 160,853