No Body Shape Change Anims

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Uploaded: 18th Feb 2022 at 7:08 PM
Updated: 26th Feb 2022 at 6:32 PM
This is a pack of mods which makes Sims who are supposed to change their body shape no longer:
  • play an animation (their body shape will change immediately instead),
  • stop a currently performed interaction (e.g. sleeping) or wait until their interaction queue is empty to change their body shape,
  • bring the camera in to look at them or show in a live PIP.
It consists of two mods:
  • fitness: affects getting fit/thin/fat. Note that Sims still won't change their fitness state while they are working out but immediately after they're done. It comes in two versions: familyOnly restricts body shape changes to currently played members like in a vanilla game, while everyone enables it for townies and any other Sims who exercised or overate. Use only one version at a time.
  • pregnancy: affects pregnancy belly growth and clothing change caused by it.

Do not use the fitness mod with:Do not use the pregnancy mod with:
  • Quiet Pregnancy by Tom Duhamel – my mod is basically the Baby Bump Stages part of that mod.

Overriden resources
Resource nameType nameTypeGroupInstanceInstance (high)
Fitness ControllerPie Menu Functions0x545441420x7FEE33110x000000010x00000000
Interaction - Get Fit or FatBehaviour Function0x424841560x7FEE33110x0000100E0x00000000
Private InteractionsPie Menu Functions0x545441420x7F1D0F490x000000010x00000000
Interaction - Show HalfBehaviour Function0x424841560x7F1D0F490x000010180x00000000
Interaction - Show FullBehaviour Function0x424841560x7F1D0F490x000010190x00000000
jfade (The Compressorizer!)
Tom Duhamel (Quiet Pregnancy mod)
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