Will Wright

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Uploaded: 31st Mar 2022 at 4:41 PM
This is a sim of Will Wright, as requested by Mickeylan when they saw my screenshots of him.

He is a Bodyshop packaged sim, which means that when you install him you need to enter Create-a-Sim and make a personality for him. I packaged him wearing a basegame shirt and jeans, and glasses- similar to those he was seen wearing in the early 2000s, around the time when he was working on Sims 2.

In my game I have him as a townie, and he is quite outgoing and works in Game Development. He always seems very outgoing and confident in interviews, but beyond that we can only really guess at his personality, so give him traits as you see fit!

He is an adult male with normal body type, brown hair, S2 skin and brown eyes.

I hope you like him!