Maxis "Lost & Found" #21: Will Wright painting and Grouped Photos from CAS

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Uploaded: 31st May 2006 at 2:20 AM
As per request by mmmboots9, I've extracted the Portrait of Will Wight from the YACAS screen; and while I was there, I took the chance to extracy a group of photos from the CAS screen, too

1) Will Wright painting: it's a recolour of the "Red vs. Blue Oil Portrait" from the base game (it's the painting with the red-headed girl shown in the picture, next to Will Wright's portrait); therefore, to select the portrait of Will Wright, you have to select the "Red vs. Blue" painting and then select the custom recolour you will find there (you need the CEP!).

2) The Grouped photos were extracted from the base-game CAS screen; the big picture on the left is a little blurry, but it's the original texture, don't blame me

Both objects work with the base game or in any other game.
Please note that - strictly speaking - the Portrait of Wil Wright was extracted from the UNI game, and therefore should be released as a UNI-only object. But in this special case, I made an exception to my posting rule, and made the painting available in the base-game too: it's a tribute to our hero Will Wright, and I don't think he will be annoyed if I want to give it to as many simmers as possible! :D