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Mermaid Power Mod

3,580 Downloads 270 Thanks  Thanks 49 Favourited 11,823 Views
Uploaded: 1st Mar 2024 at 9:31 PM
Updated: 14th Mar 2024 at 9:56 AM
This mod for The Sims 3 grants your mermaids, teen and above, new oceanic abilities. From creating whirlpools to commanding sharks, your mermaids can now truly be part of the ocean.
The mod focuses mostly on the underwater aspects of being mermaids, but there are of course also abilities that can be used on the surface as well.
This is my biggest mod yet and contains over 60 new animations, so it's kind of a mini expansion pack :D

For this mod to work properly, especially when it comes to the underwater powers, you will need to have NRaas Hybrid installed. This is because Hybrid fixes some bugs when it comes to mermaids.

Minor Update 2024-03-14: Fixed a minor issue regarding luring sims on land.

If you wish to translate this mod and have the knowledge to do so, then download the Mermaid Power Strings file.
Edit the text you wish to translate. Then PM me the translation and I will update the mod. You only need to download this if you want to help translate.
Available languages so far:
- English
- Swedish
- German (Added 2024-03-05). Thanks to OhRudi for translating!
- Italian (Added 2024-03-06). Thanks to Damon05 for translating!
- Russian (Added 2024-03-07). Thanks to hyodin for translating!
- French (Added 2024-03-07, Updated 2024-03-10). Thanks to Poulet40Sucre for translating!
- Portuguese (Portugal) (Added 2024-03-13). Thanks to David Manaia for translating!

Here is a list of all the powers:

- Whirlpool Creation
When underwater, you can click on your mermaid and have them create a small whirlpool. Your mermaid will swim rapidly in circles, creating a whirlpool which will trap divers who get to close. This is very dangerous, since when sims get trapped in this, they will immediately get the "gasping for air" moodlet (unless they have the steel lungs reward trait), meaning if they're trapped for too long, they will die. Sims with high athletic, martial arts or scuba diving skill, or a combination of these, will have a much better chance at escaping the whirlpool. Other mermaids can also get lightly pulled in by the whirlpool if they don't at least have a small amount of skill points in athletics/martial arts, but nothing bad will happen to them. The initial "blast" of the whirlpool will pull in sims from a bit further away than the main whirlpool.
This ability will rapidly drain the mermaids energy need, but will also increase their fun need.

- Commanding Sharks
Mermaids, when underwater, can command sharks to attack divers, but not other mermaids. Just click on the shark and select who you want it to attack. There is a chance that the target will be killed by this.
If the shark has trouble routing to the sim, then the shark won't attack.
You can also ward off sharks, which will make them leave.

- Luring other Sims
Mermaids can summon a magic conch shell that will spin, producing an enchanting oceanic melody that will entrance sims in a large radius (excluding other mermaids), forcing them to come over and watch the mermaid. If your mermaid is undewater, sims on the surface will be forced to dive down. If you have Supernatural installed, the sims will recieve the dazed moodlet. This ability can be done underwater, on the water surface and on land. When in water or underwater, other mermaids might dance to this. The melody will also wake sleeping sims on the lot. If you wake an evil, mean spirited or hot headed mermaid while underwater, they will not take it lightly. If done on a dive lot, there is a small chance an NPC mermaid will be summoned.
Simply click on your mermaid sim if you want to do this, the ability is called "Call Of The Sea".

- Threatening others with tridents
When diving underwater, mermaids can threaten other sims, including other mermaids, with a trident. The target will then retreat back to the surface, except if they have the brave or daredevil traits. If the target is a mermaid and has the hot headed or brave trait, there's a chance that this will backfire.
Threatening others will decrease the relationship with them.

- Blessings and curses
They can bless or curse people, which can be done anywhere, meaning they can do it when underwater, on the water surface or on land. These enchantments will last for a little while and can also be removed by the mermaid anywhere at anytime.

- Blessing of water breathing:
This blessing will allow the target to breathe underwater and, unlike the steel lungs reward trait, will also protect sims from drowning as well as making it so the sim won't have to depressurize before diving. When diving underwater, the blessed sim will receive a magical bubble around their head.

- Curse of the water's Ire: This curse will make it so that the cursed sim won't be able to dive or enter any body of water (including pools) without the immediate risk of drowning. The cursed sim will also refuse to take baths, shower, etc. When entering hottubs, they will immediately exit and run away from it.

- Draining water from sims
This is something that only evil and mean spirited mermaids can do. Draining a sim from water will lower their hunger, energy and hygiene needs, while slightly increasing their bladder need. The mermaids hydration need will increase by a large amount. The mermaids hunger need will aslo increase very slightly and their bladder need will decrease slightly. If another mermaid is drained or the target is a plantsim, only their hydration/water need will decrease. Additonally, if the target is a mermaid and your mermaid has the "adapting to land" or "salt water deficiency" moodlet, then those will be removed. Undead or robot life states cannot be drained. Using this ability will slightly drain the user's energy need.
Draining sims can be done in two ways and can only be done on land.
You can click on your mermaid and have them drain water from all nearby sims.

Or you can select a sim and only drain that particular sim.

- Taking care of their needs
Mermaids can now take care of their needs in water.
- Sleeping and relaxing:
They can sleep in underwater caves:

Although, since the underwater caves that came with the Island Paradise expansion pack are known to be a bit buggy, you can instead also sleep on table corals. You can also just simply relax on these, which will very slightly increase the mermaid's energy need.

They can also sit and relax on brain corals:

Additionally, they can also sleep on the water surface, just click on your sim when they are in water and choose "Sleep":

- Catching and eating fish:
Since eating fish from the inventory when underwater can be a bit buggy, I made an interaction where you can simply click on any alive fish and have your mermaid swim over to it and eat it immediately.
- Taking care of their bladder:
When underwater or on the water surface. You can click on your mermaid and have them relieve themselves, filling their bladder need. Although, from my experience, sims' bladder needs won't decay when underwater. But I decided to give them the option. Others will swim away from them when they do this. Although, if underwater, mermaids who are near and have the evil, mean spirited or hot headed traits, will not react very positively.
- Underwater playing:
When underwater, you can click on your mermaid and have them play solo, in which they will swim around rapidly in loops. They can also play with other mermaids in this fashion, in which both mermaids will swim around rapidly in loops. This will increase their fun need as well as increasing their relationship and social need (if playing together).

- Splashing drinks on themselves:
This can only be done on land. When playing a mermaid, you can click on a bar tray that has drink glasses on it and have the mermaid splash a drink on themselves, increasing their hydration need.

The mod will only require Island Paradise to work properly, as well as NRaas Hybrid.
This mod is a pure scripting mod that was developed on 1.69, but should work on 1.67 as well. To install it, just put the package in your Packages folder

This mod contains tuning files where you can adjust the autonomy of these interactions.

Additional Credits:
Thanks again to PuddingFace and his script mod tutorials as well as his moodlet tutorials, TheSweetSimmer for her prop animation tutorials, denton47 for his TS3 Sound Tool, and thank you all for your support!
Thanks to S3PE and various other turorials at ModTheSims that helped me through the years!