Peaky Simmers Music Replacement Mod

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Uploaded: 5th Jul 2024 at 5:41 PM
Always loved the music in Peaky Blinders?
With this music replacement mod, your Sims can feel like Thomas Shelby! Or you simply like blues, indie rock, and guitar music? I got you.

Your sims are doin' business, betting, and visit casinos? Or they just look up to Thomas Shelby's doings? This mod will give your Sims (and You of course) the perfect vibe for that type of gameplay!

This music replacement mod contains copyright-free blues, indie, alternative, guitar and piano tracks, and replaces the Build, Buy, CAS, Map View, Loading Screen, and Main Menu screen music, to make your worlds feel old timey yet awesome!


- Build01:

- Build02:

- Build03:

- Build04:

- Buy01:

- Buy02

- Buy03

- Buy04

- CAS01

- CAS02

- CAS03

- CAS04

- CAS05

- CAS06

- CAS07

- LoadLoop01

- LoadLoop02

- MainTheme01

- MainTheme02

- Map01

- Map02

- Map03

- Map04

- Map05

- Map06

- Map07

The inspiraton for this mod came from playing in these lovely worlds to-be-mentioned, and of course Peaky Blinders, as I felt a blues/rock music replacement mod would fit perfecty for these. But you are not limited to using this mod only in these towns of course!

Winchester Farming Community (MySimRealty)
Etham's Drift (neuroticrobotic)
Glendalough (Alan62796)
Midnight Hollow (EA)
Dark Hollow (kimjo313)

denton47 for the TS3 Sound Tool Beta.

Download and extract the file into your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Overrides folder

This mod conflicts with any other mod, that replaces the Build/Buy/CAS/Map/Loading Screen/Main Menu Screen music.

Packs Required:
None, BaseGame compatible.