The Specter Family Story
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In Christianity, the God is one, consisted of Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. The God exists since the beginning of the time.

Nature always looks for a contrast. So that's why there exists the Hell, and with it the Devil, consisted of Satan, Death (Grim Reaper) and ''Son'' – a Sim called Nervous Subject.

~ ~ ~

It was a stormy night. Peponi Muenda was walking up and down the hall. “Please, let it be a boy, let it be a boy!” he whispered. Suddenly, he was called.

His wife Lerato Muenda was lying on the bed. She had a smile on her face. “Come, look at her, Peponi!” she said. Peponi stopped.

“It's a girl?” he asked. “Yes. I know you didn't want the baby to be a girl, but aren't you happy that after many years of trying we finally have our little angel Olive?”

“It's okay I guess. But even though after so many prays, it's a girl. Whatever,” he said and walked out of the room. Lerato cried.

~ ~ ~

It's been two years. Lerato got pregnant again. She had a baby girl named Willow. Instead of being angry because he didn't get a boy again, Peponi was happy. “The first baby should've been a boy. For the second one, it's okay to be a girl,” was his theory. Olive hated Willow, because she was her parents' beloved child, and not her.

~ ~ ~

Olive was a strange child. She wasn't interested in stuff that 'normal' kids are. She was very smart. She spent most of her time reading books that are in the 'restricted' area of the library – those containing paranormal subjects. Resurrection, exorcisms, strange rituals and the ‘forgotten’ languages were the only things that were appealing to her. Every child she knew made fun of her. She was special. She even considered haunted people fascinating, even funny.

One day Olive had a dream. In the dream, a deep strange voice has spoken to her in a language she didn’t understand. But then, against her will, she took a knife and started slaying every person she’s ever met in her life. She was very scared. When she woke up, she walked to her mom. “Mom, mommy, I’m scared,” she cried. “It’s okay honey. What’s the matter?” her mom said.

“I had a dream where I killed you, dad, Willy and everyone I’ve ever met. I’ve had similar dreams; this is not the first time!” she shouted. Lerato was scared. She woke up her husband and immediately drove her daughter and her husband off to the minister.

“It is very serious what you’re talking about here, young lady. Are you sure what you’ve spoken here is the truth?” minister asked. “Yes, I swear!” Olive gasped. Minister blessed Olive. “If your dreams revive again, you’re not a daughter of the God. If your dreams revive again, you are disowned from your parents and banished from our country!”

However, Olive’s dreams didn’t stop. The anger was growing inside of her. She failed classes at school. She spent days sitting on her bed, locked out. The power of the Devil was growing inside her. In a fight she had with her parents, she shouted everything she was keeping deep inside her for a long time. Her parents were in shock. They had to disown her.

That day, Olive made a promise, “Hear this, my parents, my colleagues, everyone I know! You will remember the day when you made fun of me. You will remember the day you cursed the mighty Devil. I swear by my life, that I will kill you all!” After those horrifying words, she disappeared and it wasn’t heard from her for a long time.

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Next: Olive Muenda Returns
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