An Unfair Swap
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Olive has gone crazy. She wrote every single name she heard on the street in her Death Note. The whole neighborhood got wiped out. Many people declared when they were in that desert, they felt a weird energy, so they named the place Strangetown.

~ ~ ~

Years have passed, and Nervous is 23 now. And Olive forgot.

The earth opened and the Satan rose up. “Give me your son!” he demanded. “No! Please, let me have him for one more day, please!” she shouted.

“I won’t. It’s been 23 years. He hasn’t finished his life course. But you’ve been cleaning the world of all the good, so I will award you with a child,” he said. “Return home. You’ll find an orphan at your doorstep. Take care of it. I will know if you write its name down in the Death Note. If you do so, I will kill you.” The Satan fell into the earth and it closed. Everything was like before. Olive, crying after her lost son, went home. And it wasn’t a lie; there really was an orphan at her doorstep.

~ ~ ~

But Ophelia couldn’t replace Nervous. Olive still spent years mourning after her son. Then, one night the Death returned to the Earth.

“I see you miss your son really bad. I will resurrect him, but you mustn’t get in contact with him. I will give him to the Beaker family, which just moved in the town. They're here to do some research about the energy that the Death Note is spreading through the city. Nervous is going to use them as a distraction, and they're going to make experiments on him.” Olive gasped. Right when she was about to respond, the Death cut her off coldly, “At least you’ll know he’s alive.” He vanished then. Olive was happy her prays got granted.

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