The Unexpected Fire and The Conclusion
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One day 13 Dead End Lane caught up fire. The whole place was burnt down, including the Death Note Olive kept under her pillow.

Since then, she’s relieved. The destruction of the Death Note broke the connection between her and the Devil. Unfortunately without it, she can’t resurrect all those Sims she killed.

Loki and Circe Beaker have been doing a lot of experiments on Nervous. They have called him "Nervous Subject", to pun the fact that he's their testing guinea pig. They have tweaked his genetics and replaced his father ID, who in their computer was recognized as an error. Unfortunately, in the middle of the process, he woke up and his father ID is now unknown. He tends to have mental breakdowns much more often after that experiment.

If any Sim who was killed by Olive Specter gets resurrected by another Sim, he or she will melt. All of their genetics and memories were burned along with the Death Note.

~ ~ ~

It’s been a lot of years. Ophelia is a teenager now, and Olive’s life is coming to an end. Will Olive get to know her niece Ophelia better before she heads to college, or before Olive dies? It’s up to you Simmers,

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