Someone Strange Is Coming To This World
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The next day Olive woke up with a belly.

Suddenly she felt a pain. She visited the doctor, who said that she’s pregnant, and that everything’s okay with the baby. When she got home, her belly was twice the size of the one this morning.

At the sunset of the same day, she gave birth to a baby with a distorted face. His eyes were small and he didn’t have his upper lip. Out of nowhere, the floor lit on fire, showing a message, “You have conceived a child with the Death. His life purpose is objective – to tell the world who the Devil really is. When they ask you for the father, say Rigger Mortis.” Very nervous at the moment, she named her child Nervous. At first it seemed like the infant won't survive, because he had very pale skin, and everyone in Olive's family were African Americans. “It’s probably the Death’s gene. Oh, I just hope you turned out as at least half human.”

Olive tried living a normal life after that night. She put the Death Note away. In a hope that she’s going to start a new, normal life, she proposed to Earl E. DeMise, but he ran away at the day of their wedding, when he found out about Nervous that Olive was keeping away from him.

She was heartbroken. After many years, she found her third love, Ichabod Specter. He loved Olive in despite of Nervous.

~ ~ ~

But one day the Devil has woken up inside of Olive again. She took out the Death Note against her will, and wrote her husband’s name down angrily. She felt the euphoria, that bad energy that gives her all the happiness. Carried by the evil force, she’s also written down “Earl E. DeMise.” The old Olive Specter was back.

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