Olive Muenda Returns
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In the meantime, the Muenda family moved out from the 13 Dead End Lane. They wanted to forget what happened that night when they lost their first daughter. They now live in a far away land Veronaville by the name Proteus and Julia Pantalone.

~ ~ ~

It’s been fifteen years. One awfully hot day, Olive Muenda came on the Earth out of nowhere.

She moved into her old parents’ house. She got it demolished, and started building another one.

It was a hot day. The workers were digging a chasm for the foundation. They decided to leave work earlier because they were all feeling bad and had a stomachache and a headache. That night, Olive decided to get deep into the chasm. She was feeling very strange. And suddenly, out of nowhere, she started digging. After half an hour, she found a notebook covered with black torn leather. It was written on an ancient language. The blood that was dripping from her torn fingers fell on the book. The connection has been established.

Olive had kept (or stolen) a lot of those paranormal books she used to read when she was a child. Now they’ve come to a good use. After two years of constant work, Olive has finally finished translating the notebook, called the ‘Death Note’. The notebook was sent on the Earth by the Devil himself, and was used to kill people, and when they were killed, their eyebrows would fall off in order to seperate the Death Note victims and the Age/Accident victims. After thinking of what should she use the notebook for, she remembered. The promise she made when she was 10. She immediately started writing her parents’ names down. She wrote her sister’s name down too, along with all people she’s ever known in her life. On that day, the sky got covered with dark, opaque clouds.

~ ~ ~

After the slaughter has been done, Olive heard a doorbell. It was from the Death himself.
Just about when she was to open the door, they got wide open, and cold air went into the house. Using the invisible force, the Death pushed Olive against a wall. The deep, semi understandable voice has spoken the curse, “You, Olive Muenda, the daughter of deceased Peponi and Lerato Muenda; also known as Proteus and Julia Pantalone, have used the Death Note provided by the mighty Satan over 23 times. I, Death, curse you to be the Mother of the Dead.” Olive fell on the ground. Strangely, she had no eyebrows anymore.

She doesn’t know why, but she didn’t get scared by the Death. Suddenly, she got attracted to him. She fell in love with him. She walked towards him and hugged him strongly. By rubbing his rib cage against her strong body, she reached under his black hood. Their lips got connected. Suddenly, she felt the cold flowing through her body, but she couldn’t resist it. “Take me,” she said. “No... I won’t,” the Death whispered. The cold spread through her body completely. She passed out.

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