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Anzac Soldier

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Uploaded: 21st Apr 2006 at 1:15 PM
Updated: 13th Jul 2006 at 10:08 AM by Delphy
This Anzac Soldier sim created by Kathleen (Complete Sim), Tiggerypum from MTS2 and with the help of Kathleen's wonderful husband Craig.

We created all the custom content:
Sim by Kathleen
Eyebrows by Kathleen
Eyes by Kathleen
Hat by Tiggerypum
Uniform by Kathleen and Tiggerypum

This download includes the necessary meshes - the hat and uniform are both custom meshes. Put the 3 mesh files into your downloads or saved sims folder. Then double click on the Sims2 pack to install him into your game.

The hat is an accessory, and can be worn with a handful of the short hairstyles. You can check Tiggerypum's profile to find another recolor of the hat.

This sim and other Anzac Day content is available at The Complete Sim