Boulder Rock Park - Outdoor community fun for your Simstones!

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Uploaded 1st Aug 2006 at 2:26 AM · Updated 1st Aug 2006 at 10:23 PM by maskeysims : forgot lot size

Ok, I am officially obsessed with the Simstones! Here is another lot for their growing neighbourhood.
Boulder Rock Park is on a 5x6 community lot where your Simstones can relax and unwind with their neighbours. Located along a waterway with a varied species of plantlife and plenty of volcano vents for your outdoor grilling needs. The Guardian of Forever invites you to step through the portal – is it a gateway to the modern age?? This wonderous landmark is more likely to leave those poor Neanderthal Simstones scratching their hairy heads.
So come on down and experience the relaxing atmosphere….that nest is abandoned, is it not?? That pile of bones looks pretty fresh!

Many thanks once again to the awesome Mod Squad for all the content from The Simstones set:

The T-Rex nest by crocobaura found in his Simstone bowling set here:

The Volcano grill vents included with Simstone Add-ons by HChangeri, here:

I love this Desert Rock by simsfan3ds found here:

The wonderful Guardian of Forever by Mod Squad member Xanathon, here:

The wood table by another Mod Squad member, boblishman, here:

The wood bench and chairs from the Wood Elf set by yet another member of the Squad, exnem here:

The Dracena Tree, palm tree and short palm here:

The 4ESF Outdoor2Yucca, the 4ESFOutdoor5 rocks and 4ESF Outdoor5 fountain here:

Happy Simstoning

Peace and Long Life,

mmmm, Upsidedown Flint Rubble Double cake

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