Efficiency Neighborhoods

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Uploaded 12th Sep 2006 at 10:15 AM · Updated 23rd Jan 2009 at 10:22 PM by dinkytink : adding links to small blank lots

Edit: I was asked for some links to small blank lots to use for maps such as mine. Here are a few to get you started:





Do you curse at tree removal? Do you shudder at rolling hills and majestic mountains? Do you hate saving a precious house, only to find that it warps the streets in every future town you place it in? Do you place blank lots just to level terrain? Do you hate the constant barrage of pointless questions from overly animated late night infomercial hosts?

Well, I can't do anything about your insomnia or your choice of channels, but allow me to introduce my HANDY DANDY EFFICIENCY neighborhoods!

Gorgeous neighborhood maps only retain their good looks if they're actually PLAYABLE on my... uh... your computer. And many of us still have slower machines. But luckily, there is also beauty in simplicity and efficiency. (And, luckily, SimCity4 just went down to half price at my local store.)

These neighborhoods have the good features I've been cursing for... er... you've been dreaming of. They are totally flat, need no camera hack, have no trees someone else placed, accommodate houses of all sizes EFFICIENTLY, have "town squares" and neighborhood clusters based on lot sizes. No wasted space. No constant scrolling, boredom, or nailbiting. All the things you crave with no added salt or trans fats. All 4 terrains included.

AND BEST OF ALL, they can be yours for 1 easy payment of NOTHING!!! 6 maps. No waiting. Download yours today!

To install: Extract the files into your SC4Terrains folder. That's where your game looks for maps to play. NOT the downloads folder.

FYI: If you ever download a map that doesn't work for you, doublecheck that the person didn't make a mistake naming them. Spacing and capitalization of the basic name must all match in a set. Also, 300x225 is the size needed for the png's to be seen properly in the windows.

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