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104 Taylor Dr - Starter Home (14,929)

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Uploaded: 1st Dec 2006 at 12:35 AM
Updated: 2nd Dec 2006 at 2:14 AM
This lot comes in two versions:

Furnished: $19,571

Unfurnished: $14,929

Lot Size: 2x2

The unfurnished version is only furnished in the bathroom and kitchen along with interior lighting. It costs only $14,929 to purchase. This is the 5th addition to my Taylor Drive (starter homes) collection.

The furnished version is the same as the unfurnished one except that it is fully equiped with furnishings and decor. This is the 5th addition to my Taylor Drive (starter homes) collection.

The lot in general was modeled to look like a small country home for either a single person or a young couple. The house has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. There is a fireplace on the one end of the house. The house has a very green siding. No driveway is on this lot.

Custom Content(included):

Lafenetre Short Window by Windkeeper

Giant Garden Oleander by Lucas Cardellini

Darkgreen Siding by nengi65
NOTE: The siding is not found seperatly from the download in the link.

*Art Deco Clock(and recolor) by BobL:

Orange Tree by Simaddict99

Georgian Shuttered Window by phoenix_phaerie

Victorian Porch Fence in White by Holy Simoly

*Mobeus Plant by Kate

*Villa Dar Zina Chair and Table by Kate

Glass Flooring by AvenidaSims

* means the item is only in the furnished version
If you experience any problems with this lot, then let me know.