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GLOBAL MODs: "Counter-friendly Windows" UPD 9Feb2008: Bug Fixed - Redownload!

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Uploaded: 11th Jan 2007 at 9:53 AM
Updated: 6th Jun 2009 at 12:23 AM - Update the url of the images
"Counter-friendly Windows"
Four GLOBAL MODs to make windows line-up correctly with kitchen counters and stoves

9 Feb 2008: Bug fixed
There was a graphical glitch that affected the wallmask of the Craftsman window. Now is fixed. Many thanks to melyanna to have reported this.
The update rar are
Please re-download.
9 Oct 2007: Bug fixed
There was a graphical glitch that affected the wallmask of the Lafenetre and Craftsman windows, when the graphic settings were set to medium or low. Now everything is fixed.
The update rars are
Please re-download.

Warning:these are global mods who effect only the specific shapes they refer to, they are not hacks:
- they would not unknowingly included in your uploaded lots, if this happen use the Clean Installer to remove them.
- they would not copy in your windows clone with Simpe, in any case is strongly suggested to remove them or to uncheck the Downloads folder in the File Table.

Why these MODs?
I've never understood the excessively uneven heights and ugly overlaps with counters that Maxis has set for certain windows
So, I've created these Global Mod that not only ensures an even height for several windows, but also makes them line-up correctly with kitchen counters and stoves: no more ugly overlaps occur

- ML_OpenMe_GLOBAL-MOD.package
This mod required NL

If you don't have NL you don't need it.
If you are interested to allow the light indoor for the OpenME 2Tile that it doesn't, you can find my Global Fix here
Global Fix: Light indoor for the "OpenMe 2Tile Window"

- ML_Lafenetre_GLOBAL-MOD.package
Usable in any game: from the base to Pets and newer.

- ML_Craftsman_GLOBAL-MOD.package
Usable in any game: from the base to Pets and newer.

- ML_HighTech_GLBOAL-MOD.package
Usable in any game: from the base to Pets and newer.
This mod fixes the mask of the diagonal shape too.

Compatibility with other windows hacks
These mods are all compatibility with this hack:
If you have got this hack your windows open/close correctly
You can find this hack here
Animated Windows Hack v.1

Extract the packages from the rar archive and put them into your Downloads folder; you can also use the Q-Xpress, if you like.
To uninstall, delete simply the files from your Downloads folder.

Licence Agreement
Do not clone - Do not repost anywhere.