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"Profiterolles" - Fully Animated

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Uploaded: 23rd May 2007 at 2:40 PM
Updated: 6th Jun 2009 at 12:30 AM

Fully Animated - Custom Plates included
Compatible with any EP and the BASE GAME only.

Installation Instractions

The Custom Plates, the Single Plate and the Serving Plate, must be installed to get the Profiterolles works fine!
They are included in the archive ML_ProfiterollesAndCustomPlates.rar

Extract the packages from the rar archives and put them in the Downloads folder (use an archive program, or the Q-Xpress auto-installer)

The Profiterolles is compatible with *any game*, including the base-game only.

In game usage
  • The Profiterolles is available from the Fridge: Serve Dessert.../Profiterolles.
  • To make it appears in the menu you must have 2 skill points in cooking!
  • There are 10 portions available.

OFB Users:the Profiterolles also shows-up in the menu Make/Make Many... -> Group Meals...-> Profiterolles.
You can put them on sale in your shops whole or to portions, they can be placed in refridgerators.

Seasons Users:you can use also the new option "Put Leftover Away/Get Loftover".

Just like any other food, the Profiterolles can NOT be recoloured.

As usually, many thanks to Numenor for his advice and suggestions, and to all this community!
And many thanks to Max3D.......... that he has requested me, really he has stressed me , to edit my first mesh again to make the half portion more realistic......

Redistribution Policy
You can include these items in your lots and post the lots ONLY on free sites (NO EXCHANGE!!!), but you must credit me and provide a link to this very thread (not just to MTS2).