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'Funkey the Monkey' - Fully Animated Toy -

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Uploaded: 31st Mar 2008 at 10:24 PM
Updated: 1st Apr 2008 at 10:21 AM
'Funkey the Monkey'
*** Fully Animated Toy***
Compatible with any EP and the BASE GAME only

When a bear is too much, and a bunny is too little, that's when a monkey comes in hand!
'Funkey the Monkey' will *perfectly* fit the needs of any youngster learning how to deal with the Silver Monkey of Doom.

It comes in three recolours: Silver Monkey, Black Monkey and Brown Monkey (the default that comes with the mesh).
And it's usable by everyone, including toddlers.
After 11 sim-days of loving and abuse of the monkey, it will get "worn"

In-game usage
Simply extract the files from the rar archive and put them in your Downloads folder.
You'll find the Monkey toy in Misc/Children
In the rar archive "MaryLou_MonkeyToy_RECOLORS.rar" you'll find both the recolours Silver and Black.

Licence Agreement
Please, read my full policy in my profile

Polygon Counts
If we consider the shape they are not really so much: 2679 vertices.

I really don't have many time, real life often is busy, and I 'd like to thanks fanseelamb, that helped me to get in time the cool recolour of the Monkey Toy.
And......absolutely...... I really have to thanks my great lovely friend : Numenor :lovestruc, that always help me, without him the monkey will not get worn