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Testers Wanted: Tomato Soup

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Uploaded: 22nd Mar 2007 at 5:15 PM
As I write this upload text, I am sitting at my computer in my fiancee's robe, eating a bowl of Campbell's tomato soup. It's always been one of my favourite foods... delicious, warm, soothing, and good.

I used to have a downloaded tomato soup for my sims, but it seems to have since disappeared in the entropy of the internet. Having seen people looking for it and been unable to find it, I decided to remake it. This is not intended as copying whoever created it originally - simply making it available again - and was made entirely by myself.

EP and Base Game Compatability:
This was created cloning with no EPs checked in my SimPE file table, so I do believe it will be base-game compatible. It works just fine for me in all expansions including Seasons, and does work for putting away leftovers - I do not believe the Open for Business "call to meal" options will work because of the way I have cloned it, but I wanted to make it as compatible to as many people as possible.

In-game Behavior:
As this is basically a recolour of the Mac and Cheese meal, it will behave exactly like Mac and Cheese - will need a stove, can't cook it as breakfast, etc., and, well, still has a box rather than a can. I've changed the box so it's got a picture of a bowl of tomato soup on it, so just use your imagination and pretend it's, uhm, tomato soup mix.

Testers Wanted:
Please, if someone who has the base game can test for me, I would greatly appreciate it - I seem to have misplaced my base game disk or I would use the BaseGameStarter to try it myself.

Use at your own risk!
As with all of my non-Body Shop items, I have absolutely no business creating anything like this so please remember, you use this at your own risk!

No Requests:
Please, no requests for more foods - this was a fluke, my dears, and I'll be back to creating pretty things for pixel dollies to wear soon.

Additional Credits:
fireflies, for the tutorial on recolouring cereal, which I followed to create this meal.
Inge Jones, for helping me figure out why the darn thing still said Mac and Cheese despite changing the text lists.
JohnBrehaut1, for helping me translate some outdated SimPE settings from the tutorial.

Thanks guys!