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Isadora Manor House

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Uploaded: 28th Jun 2007 at 1:34 PM

Welcome to Isadora Manor House! It was once owned by a minor noble family, but is now available to purchase. Perfect for a family of 4, and a little one. Enjoy the rustic plantation manor-house feel and live life in luxuary.

Isadora Manor Details:
Entrance room/Living room - great your guests in style
Kitchen/Dining room - let cooking be part of the entertainment
Indoor entertainment room - for those rainy days
2 bathrooms
2 bedrooms
All alarms/phones
Fully lighted
Fully furnished

If it is one of those hot sunny days, why not relax by the pond? Or as suggested, use it as the perfect venue for a wedding or any party.

Isadora Manor! Can be yours today!

Note: This house was created for you folks at MTS2, please do not upload this house anywhere but feel free to provide a link to this page instead.

Lot Size: 5x3
Lot Price: $152,625

Additional Credits:
MTS2 for recieving my downloads so well, that I feel encouraged to make more.