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Idolatry Beyond: Nobility, Raven, Wormwood, and Wraith Skintones

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Uploaded: 24th Jul 2007 at 4:46 PM
Updated: 8th Aug 2007 at 5:56 PM
Idolatry Beyond...

As you might have guessed, these are recolours of the textures I used for my Idolatry of Flesh skintones. I wanted some more interesting fantasy-type tones, so I made a small collection of four special recolours that I thought I'd share.

They may be a bit imperfect - I didn't drive myself nuts looking for problems so please don't tell me there are seams or a little spot here and there (I already know they're there) unless one of your sims exploded as a result.

What's What...
  • Nobility: The most natural of these tones, made completely on accident when I clicked the wrong filter. Nobility is a delicately pale, warm tone with a opalescent sheen.
  • Raven: The darkest and richest of this set, Raven is a deep grey with just a hint of indigo and a fairly matte finish. Intended to be suitable for Drow.
  • Wormwood: A medium silvery green, Wormwood is a subtle shade intended for use on aliens.
  • Wraith: Light, icy silver, Wraith is a hauntingly pale shade that catches the light beautifully, a ghostly pallor.


I do not have any specific plans to make any of these into any sort of defaults for anything - I may if I feel like it later but please do not request it. You are welcome and encouraged to make them into defaults if you would like them as such, following the instructions in the Create section. I strongly recommend the use of the Mixed Method defaults, which I have a tutorial on creating.

Anatomically Correct?

Proper bits on top for girls, but barbie bottoms for everyone.

Edits? Uploads?

These follow my regular policy - slice and dice, edit to your heart's content, just give me a link and credit and don't put it on a pay site if you share it with others.

Consider using Morague's method for skintone overlays if you want to add tattoos, freckles, scars, etc. - much better way of doing it.

Of course you can put these on your sims to upload to any free site - again, just give me a little link and credit.

Model Credits:

All models are my own sims or linuslover30's sims with a bit of tweaking.

All hairs are, of course, free, and are by RaonSims, Nouk, Sussi, me, XM Sims, Fanseelamb, and Andie. All eyebrows are by me, Helaene, or RenSim. All eyes are mine, RenSim's, or Barcelonista's. Models are wearing no makeup.

Thanks To:

Everyone in the Credits section - I couldn't have made my textures without their beautiful work. Thanks also to everyone who made the gorgeous free content used in the screenshots. And as always, a ginormous thanks to the rest of the MTS2 staff, especially Delphy, for giving me an awesome place where I could learn to make pretty things for pixel dollies.

Also, to oph3lia for creating these recolours of Ren's elf ears to match these skins, so I didn't have to.