Moi's Terrain Water Mod Series (1 & 2) (All Game versions compatible)

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Uploaded: 28th Jul 2007 at 6:32 AM
Updated: 12th Jul 2009 at 5:14 AM
Moi's TS2 Terrain Water Mod Series (1 - 4) (All TS2 versions)

Note: sorry, for those new variant versions released between 29-06-2009 and 08-07-2009, I mistakenly put wrong versions. After all, I've added something afterwards to try to see if that improve the neighbourhood view.


1. They are to provide different graphical appearances and colorations of the terrain water in lots (lake/pond/etc normally we call.) in TS2.
2. They are not to enable sims to swim in the terrain pond water.
To do that,
2a. may read here or
2b. try nina's way (swimming @ the lot skirt water layer!) here, or
2c. try patul's version here
3. There are 4 series so far.

4. Please do report with screenshot packed in zip or rar, thanks...

Originally Posted by Notes
1. EP0 = TS2, the base game

2. Various graphical outcomes and performances rely on the interaction between PC hardwares (esp. video card support on versions of Dx, PS and VS) and the game versions. Thus, varied feedbacks with video specs., game versions and screenshots as attached rar or zip are highly welcome.

3. Addition of a swim-pool block in the same lot in the same screen scope can cause changes in the terrain water when the game version is EP5 or newer EP or SP, as depicted posts 22 and 24
. This is normal and expected coz the swim-pool can activate certain pool surface effects. For those who want the activation effect, just build at least a block of swim-pool somewhere in the lot. For those who don't want that activation effect, avoid a swim-pool block on the lot. Note this wavy effect is borrowed from the swim-pool and a swim-pool product apparently have some activating effects on pool-related products... :D

4. My video card is not the latest high-end video card, so I've no pool mirror reflection in my game, so I can't know what it's like for EP5 users with latest high-end video cards. So, feedbacks on that possibility is highly welcome. Thanks in advance

5. This is an attempt to run swim-pool wavy surface on the terrain water surface. So, a wavy surface is expected. Please report if that's not the case. FYI, some video cards may be too old to render the HSLS wavy surface.

6. So, I've made 7 reserved posts for future additions.

Originally Posted by Series (S?):
Originally Posted by S1. Moi_matShad_Terrain_Water_Wavy001
- This is the simplest variant of the series. It basically turns the terrain water into poolwater with modified settings.

- 3 more colours: deep blue, red, and deep green to match the neighbourhood waters. Also, the snow brightness is down-tuned for the night scene. They're packed into the same download, Moi_matShad_Terrain_Water_Wavy001-RGB.rar

The Red one:
The deep green one:
The deep blue one:

Suspected bug reported:
Yet, just got a potential problem stated on posts 31 , 32 It seems more likely the game's bug by Maxis due to the interaction of the source codes, beach implement and the pool tool.

Originally Posted by S2. Moi_matShad_Terrain_Water_Wavy002
Series 2 is at poat 2 , and so on...

Originally Posted by S3. Moi_matShad_Terrain_Water_Wavy003-B-010034047_EP5SS-EP8ALSPMG-EP6-BeachLot
1. This is an attempt to run the beach/ocean/sea surface of beach-lot on beach-lot's terrain water!

2. This mod is expected to work only on beach-lot with at least EP6.

Originally Posted by S4. Moi_matShad_Terrain_Water_Wavy004
1. This is an attempt to alter the colours of terrain snow!
2. Also, the snow brightness is down-tuned for the night scene.
3. This mod is expected to work with at least EP5 or newer game version.

Originally Posted by Copyright & Credits
1. Thanks to MTS2 to host my craps No redistribution of this mod outside of MTS2.
2. For lot-sharing with this mod, please link back to the original thread just in case of any updated infos and any reported unforeseen problem(s).
3. Maxis is creditted for its shader. Thanks them for these.
4. Pandorasims is banned to use or host all my creations or provided infos
5. Except Pandora sims, everyone else is welcome to study, improve and refine it, and release their owns.
6. The Ranchies, Mihura, RealGanacampo, starman4016 (pool reflection tests and feedbacks) for the feedbacks and testings

Originally Posted by Compatibility
1. These series of mods have altered terrain shaders, so similar terrain shader mods like Targa's pond mods cannot work with them.

2. Any pool shader mod of the pool surface which will affect the look of the terrain water will also affect "Moi_matShad_Terrain_Water_Wavy001" compatibly. The other variants of these series won't be affected by any pool shader mod.

2a. eg: "RC1 Gunmod's pool shader mod" included in Chocolate Pi 's Gunmod's Radiance Light System 2.2 BETA is to unleash a revised version of the unfinished "Maxis EP2-NL Hi-end pool surface" with custom-chosen in-game graphics (by Gunmod and/or Chocolate Pi). So, PCs without compatible video card can't properly show this pool surface. This has been mistaken as an EP issue while later on found out it's actually hardware compatibility issue. When "Moi_matShad_Terrain_Water_Wavy001" is used with Gunmod/Chocolate Pi's pool mod, the terrain pond water will pick up the same modded pool surface (by Gunmod and/or Chocolate Pi). Thus in this case, Gunmod and/or Chocolate Pi's pool mod is compatible with "Moi_matShad_Terrain_Water_Wavy001" as a plus variant.

Originally Posted by Versions & Installation
There're totally 4 versions for different TS2 game versions in series 1 and 2.
1. EPs: 0 - 1 (EP0TS2-EP1UNI)
2. EPs: 2 - 3 (EP2NL-EP3OFB)
3. EP : 4 (EP4PETS)
4. EPs: 5 - 8 & SP M&G (EP5SS-EP8ALSPMG)

A. Choose only one of them at a time.
B. Choose the appropriate version (matched for the highest game version run)
C. Dump into the "Downloads" folder or its sub.