Surprise Box *With many surprises good and bad*

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Uploaded 5th Oct 2007 at 5:13 PM

I wanted for some time now to create a surprise box, but always i kept on postponing it, but finally here it is!

It's the "Lament configuration puzzle box" from the Hellraiser movies!
I thought this would be a good box for this hack and after some searching on the internet, i found to my surprise a very good texture i could use for it!

What it does:

Mainly this item looks at the moods of your sim and compares them to give an outcome.
Even tho these outcomes are also randomized, sometimes it does give you some good or bad results!
I would suggest to not use it all the time after eachother, but more during the sims complete day every once in a while!
The reason i say this is because this box will alter your moods most of the time, and 2-3 bad outcomes may drain much of his moods to a low.
Not only will it change moods, but also it can give you skill points in the category's like body and charisma that are somewhat harder to learn than the others.
It can even give you an extra wants or fears slot!
Above that sometimes it spawns a decoration object, that you may sell or use in your house.
It can also give you money once in a while, but those are harder to get! :D
And of course this wouldn't be a real hellraiser surprise box if the ultimate bad outcome wouldn't be death!
This can happen but very very rarely!
So don't be surprised if suddenly you get visit from the grim reaper after using this box.
When you use it intensive, it might get frustrating, sometimes you get a few good surprises and suddenly you get many bad ones and before you know it your sims moods are in the red!
Overuse can lead to desperation, be warned!

This box checks the energy and hunger levels and the option to make a surprise wish will become unavailable if they are to low (about 25% level)!

Now that said, some outcomes have also a small animation behind them, but most of the time it's an easy and fast to use item, so it won't bother to much in the daily tasks your sim has.

Some examples of the many different outcomes:

The details:

You find this box in decorations/sculptures!
It costs $2500 and has also a nice 10 points room score!
Best is to place it on a end table, with the placement arrow facing front!
Make sure nothing is blocking the front view, otherwise your sim won't use it!!!
This item will work with the University expansion or any other above!
Mesh and coding i did myself!

Vertices: 24 - Faces: 12

All comments as always welcome!
Have fun with the surprise box!

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