Concrete Summer - Value Housing under $15, 000

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Uploaded: 13th Oct 2007 at 12:24 PM
Updated: 29th Oct 2008 at 4:34 AM
Looking for a place of your own? Need somewhere cool to spend the summer?

This house is for you! Set on a tiny block, the house has charm and style, without the hefty price-tag. Designed for one or two occupants, there is room for a crowd when party time arrives.

The patio, shaded by a pergola, is a pleasant spot for entertaining, or take the ladder up to the roof for more space. Inside the front door you will find all the necessities - separate lounge room, dinette kitchen, and the upstairs toilet in the hall. Spiral stairs, let into the wall cavity, lead down to the bedroom and ensuite. The high-set design of the house allows plenty of daylight into the basement. The plaster finish is a bit shabby, but adds insulation to the rooms for those hot siesta hours.

The yard has been planted, but is designed to be low-maintenance, so you can concentrate on the important things - partying, studying, getting that promotion...

Notes for Players:

The Concrete Summer has been playtested for 7 days.

1 double bedroom
1.5 bathrooms
Basic furnishing for two sims.

This is another in my series of cheap housing designed for students. However, the house requires no EPs, thanks to Numenor's Basegame Starter.

The house can be played from a single vantage point, and the basement can be seen clearly without panning. Check out the screenshots below.

If you already have Marvine's spiral stairs, you shouldn't need the ANIMS package below. If you don't, or if you find your sims don't use the stairs properly, please download the animations package, here or on the original thread.

Building cheats have been used in this construction, so altering some fixtures may cause problems. If you want different flooring on the main level, it is best to use floodfill. If you move the basement windows or the spiral staircase, they won't like to go back, so just be careful.

This is the first house uploaded using my Sunnyside templates, with the sunshine at the front of the lot. Makes better pictures!

Enjoy the summer...

Lot Size: 1x1
Lot Price: 13, 895

Custom Content Included:
- Plaster wall by Holy Simoly
- Simple Spiral Stairs - Right turn by Marvine
- Terra Floor by Eliadene
- Independent Expressions Single Tall Window by MaryLou
- Invisible Floor tile by moonlight_muse
- Burgundy Tile Wall by Holy Simoly
- Just a ladder by marvine
- Worn Wall by Komosims
- Birch Tree Shrubby by khakidoo
- Shrubby recolour by khakidoo
- Independent Expressions Privacy Window- Double by MaryLou
- Independent Expressions Standard Window Double by MaryLou
- Stucco Tile by vic42
- Stair Animations by marvine

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Andi8104 and MaryLou for the original mini lots.

My Sunnyside lots are here:

Numenor's Basegame Starter Pro:

Thanks to MTS2 for hosting my buildings, and to all the other creators who let me use their creations freely.