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Witchcraft KIT, cast spells and turn a sim into your Zombie slave... UPDATE 10/31/07

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Uploaded: 15th Oct 2007 at 8:40 PM
Updated: 2nd Nov 2007 at 1:58 PM
31/10/07 I corrected a minor glitch which sometimes occured when there were ghosts on the lot.

This is a witchcraft KIT I created including my previous Moon Ha Hye Tal mask and a zombification potion I created and somethings else...

-What does it do ?
With the entire KIT, you can cast spells using the mask and have a Zombie slave...

-Casting a spell.
To cast a spell, just click on the mask.
It can only be used during the night, if you don't do so, bad surprises may occur.
If you are depressed, you can use the mask everytime you want, but you will be more and more depressed by doing so ...

-Create a Zombie slave.
Create a Zombification Potion using the mask.
Let the sim you want to zombify drink the potion.
Kill them. The sim will resurrect as a Zombie.
As long as the mask is on the lot, their motives no more decay.
Any sims can influence the Zombie to do whatever they want, and it doesn't cost any influence points anymore, this Zombie is really a slave.
The Zombie can use the mask ( during the night ) to turn back into a sim.

-Which file should I download ?
If you want the entire KIT, download the "LBFWitchcraftKIT1" file which requires University, Nightlife, Pets expansion packs. ( Maybe OFB but I'm not sure about it )
If you only own University and Nightlife expansion packs, just download the "LBFZombieSlaveKIT". The mask is not in this KIT but you will be able to create a Zombie slave anyway by buying the potion in the catalog ( Misc - Misc )

Have fun ^^

Download one file only, if you had already downloaded a previous version of the mask, remove it before to install this one.
Is not compatible with Smonaff's resurrection potion 'cause I used it to create the Zombification Potion.

I unfortunately couldn't get Smonaff permition to share this Zombification potion cause it's really been a long time since he last connected.
But he doesn't mention in his profil if it is forbidden or not to use his stuff to create new things ...
So I decided to share my potion anyway, hoping I won't have to remove it.
Thanks anyway to Smonaff for creating the resurrection potion which really helped me to create my potion ^^

You can download a voodoo doll to have the perfect witchcraft KIT here (Bon voyage expansion pack required )

IMPORTANT : If you downloaded my "LBFturnintoaGhoul" mod, remove the "LBFInfluenceZombie" file from the Download folder ... It may conflict with the "LBFInfluenceZombie+Ghoul" file included with the Ghoul mod.