Plantsim Potion

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Uploaded: 21st Mar 2007 at 2:40 AM
Plantsim Potion

Requested by phsyco_freak_1234

This potion will transform the sim who drinks it into a plantsim.

Available from the Buy Mode catalogue in the miscellaneous>miscellaneous section.

Cost: 300 Simoleans

If you have the Main Controller from the 10 New Gypsy Potions installed then you will be able to purchase this potion from the gypsy matchmaker and also be able to use the potion from inventory.

Available for use by Adults, Elders and Young Adults (see below)

Teens will not be able to use this potion since teen is not a valid life stage for plantsims.

I have also included a hack ( which makes the plantsim clothes and hair available for young adults for those who have University. Aside from the clothes and hair not being set for YAs, the Plantsim Potion seemed to work as expected when used on YAs.