REQUEST: Temperature Changes for Summer and Winter

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Uploaded 31st Oct 2007 at 2:01 AM · Updated 3rd Nov 2007 at 10:36 PM by crumplebottom_marky4444

I made two hacks that change Summer and Winter temperatures.

The first one creates more extreme temperatures, resulting in hotter Summers and colder Winters.

The second one creates more moderate temperatures, resulting in cooler Summers and warmer Winters. The hack does not change temperatures drastically, it just makes them milder.

These hacks are in testing, so please report any bugs caused by these hacks to me.

These hacks work for all expansions and all hacks EXCEPT my Global Warming; Wetter Winters and Springs, Hotter Summers, and Cooler Falls; Colder Temperatures; and Desert Weather hacks.

DOWNLOAD ONLY ONE!!! They interfere with eachother!!!

Additional Credits:
Thank you irisheagle for the ideas and the requests.

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