Get Dressed in a Bedroom? MADNESS!!! -2 Versions!-

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Uploaded: 1st Dec 2007 at 3:45 AM
Updated: 21st Nov 2011 at 4:59 PM
Update: I've added another version, I never liked the color of the wood on the bed in the first version, so this uses a different bed that has a much closer wood tone to the dresser. The back porch wasn't changed at all. Its still Basegame, still no CC, and shiny-new!

Anyone else wonder why Create-A-Sim is in a photo studio? It kinda makes sense, but I was getting REALLY sick of brick. How about we get our sims dressed in a room that has a dresser? I've always thought getting dressed in a bedroom was a much nicer idea, but I haven't seen any CAS screens that are done in bedrooms! This bedroom is purposefully neutral, considering Sims of all kinds will be getting ready there. I created this CAS screen using my Mac (only has the base-game) with no CC, and tested it on my PC (all EPs) so it is compatible with EVERYBODY!

New Version

The other room was NEVER on my favorites list, how many times do you drag the entire family to a photo studio to have professional photos taken? How about instead, we call up Uncle Jack and have him come over to our house, set up his camera, lights, and backdrop on the back porch? There is great outdoor lighting and the kids can play on the swing set until it's photo time, works out great for everybody!


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Additional Credits:
To Aspyr, for being slow enough with the Mac versions of the EPs that I switched to PC sims around NL (OFB for PC users, they were seriously an entire EP behind, gah.)

Also, Tribute to my Uncle Jack, a professional photographer who did very nice 'on location' shots.