Smallhouse Models Office Set

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Uploaded: 12th Jul 2014 at 6:35 PM
Updated: 22nd Jun 2015 at 9:23 PM
Edit: The book textures have been changed at plasticbox's request. Please redownload. - Jun 22, '15

Here is the office set! We have a bookcase, desk, and chair. The bookcase is slaved to the Living Room End Table, so if you are just joining us now, that set is where most of the masters are. The bookcase is BG, while having both OFB and FT interations thanks to Lord_Darcy's updater packages. This bookcase also has 4 decorative slots. There is one on the 3rd shelf, 2 one on the 4th, and one on the top shelf. There are no slots on top of the bookcase. I fiddled with the coding so your sims will only ever grab a book from the middle shelf, so those baskets don't suddenly seem to contain books. The desk also has slots, it has SIX! There is of course the main 'computer' slot, and then right hand slot has been scooted over a tad to make room for a middle slot. These two can accept all end-table-able objects. The top shelf has three decorative slots. The desk is also slaved to the end table. Last but not least is the chair. Nothing too fancy about the chair except that it's slaved to both the end table and the Living Room Loveseat, so grab both while you are over there.

- Phae

Polygon Counts:
Smallhouse Models Desk: 270 polys
Smallhouse Models Office Chair: 1214 polys
Smallhouse Models Bookcase: 727 polys

Additional Credits:
Big thanks to Lord_Darcy for the bookcase updater packages. I'm very happy to be able to provide a single bookcase that works for everyone.