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Derelict Dreamhome - Starter for the Brave - now in Seasons version too!

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 14th Jan 2008 at 11:30 PM
Updated: 10th Feb 2014 at 11:06 PM by Phaenoh
This property is a renovator's paradise. Or hell, depending on opinion.

Apparently this house was once one of the nicest in the street, well-built and with a pretty garden. Now, the Real Estate people want it off their books as fast as possible. The previous tenant...disappeared...leaving everything behind.

Going for a song, this two-bedroom, single bath cottage offers plenty of scope for a hardworking buyer. You could even make your money back on resale.

There is space for a driveway at one side, and an enclosed terrace with pergola, just right for entertaining. There's room for a small pool in the back.

Rising damp is included in the package, and all rubbish, roaches and nasty odours are the responsibility of the purchaser.

NOT open for inspection.

Notes for Players:

This house was built for the Messie Messlot Challenge, by Mariella of Sims Society.

I wanted to play the challenge, but didn't have the right EPs for the lot provided, so I have built a basegame version, possibly even more revolting than the original. I hope so.

The packaged lot was lived in by The Tenant From Hell for a while. Everything is broken, dirty and horrible. Even the fridge is half empty. There's mould on the walls and rubbish under the beds.

I used a copy of the lot for my own challenge sim, Miss Prym N. Perfect. You can see her initial reaction in one of the screeenshots. The last two photos show Prym's renovated cottage, completely repainted and furnished in cheerful blue and gold. And much, much nicer.

See what you can do with it!

A few makeover artists have posted pictures to inspire you:
here and here and here.

Note for owners of Seasons, BV and maybe Pets
When the basegame house is installed with these EPs, some things appear to be 'fixed' by the game. Plumbing items are clean and repaired, the kitchen counters sparkling and the roaches missing. Also, no green stink from the abandoned food. However, the house seems to play fine otherwise, and the roaches come back after a day or so.

I have now added a Seasons version of the house. In testing, this version retains its nasty odours and grubby counters. So if you have EP5 or higher, download the newer file for maximum filth.

The rules of the Challenge (from S2C and SimsSociety) are -

Move in a neatfreak sim, with all neatpoints maxed out.
Upgrade the house with the most expensive stuff in ts2, with the earnings she / he will get from his / her job.

The sim may not attend college.
Your sim may not get married. He / she has to do it alone.
You may use the elixir of life and the thinking cap, nothing else.
No money cheats.
You can have pets and even children, but don't move anyone in that brings money.
You can expand as much as you want, as long as you have everything the most expensive at the end.

Go check the challenge threads if you want to know more, or see what people did with the original lot.

Have fun!

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price: 18, 516

Custom Content Included:
- Poured wall 01a by komosims
- Trashy Tiled Floor by TS2D
- Secondhand double bed by DumBblOndE
- Double door, weathered white by Holy Simoly
- UpRite Column, 5% Taller by Sophie-David
- Justa Door Recolour by Pixelhate
- Trashed Loveseat by DumBblOndE
- Trashed Fridge by DumBblOndE
- Midnight Ride window, peeling white by netseeker2
- Fraying Yellow Carpet by 4ESF
- Poured Wall 01b by komosims
- Walnut door weathered white by Holy Simoly
- Trashy Kitchen chair by deele4952 of N99
- Trashy Kitchen paint by deele4952 of N99
- Trashy Kitchen Table by deele4952 of N99
- Trashy Kitchen Chair Recolour 1 by deele4952 of N99
- Trashy KitchenChair Recolour 2 by deele4952 of N99
- Trashy Kitchen Table Recolour by deele4952 of N99
- Secondhand single bed by DumBblOndE
- Poured wall 03b by komosims

Additional Credits:
-Mariella, for the original Messie Messlot.
-Frillen, for the Collections that made things SO much easier.
-Numenor, for the BaseGameStarter Pro.
-Andi8104 and Mootilda, for the LotExpander.
-S2C for helping me find the Challenge in the first place - http://forums.sims2community.com/showthread.php?t=29257