Mont Blanc (beauty farm)

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Uploaded: 25th Feb 2008 at 2:43 AM
Updated: 27th Feb 2008 at 3:53 AM
Mont Blanc ***** beauty farm

Category: Lodging
lot size: 4x3
Neighborhood: Three Lakes
furnished: totally
tested: yes, as usual i've tested a clone
§: suite 940§ , normal room 499§

Mont Blanc is a beauty farm located near Monte Bianco (White Mountain, that lies between the regions of Aosta Valley, Italy, and Haute-Savoie, France)

In beauty farm there are all kind of relaxing areas and innovative treatments/therapies to give you maximum benefits.

Beauty farm is all ground floor.


- sauna
- rock pool with thermal mineral waterfall
- chromoterapy (or color-therapy: relaxing area with tv and color-light-ray)
- music therapy (relaxing room near rock pool-new wave music)
- ice therapy (ice showers to alternate with hot hydromassage)
- hot bubble therapy (hydromassage)
- warm pool internal and external to swim sorrounded by snow
- source therapy (hot external rock pools)

- two bathrooms for beauty farm costumers
- two dressing room for beauty farm costumers

This is a SECTION of ground floor with wall down, in the game you see exactly as it is in the image:

Image of some treatments:


Lifts bring you at first floor:

- 1 panoramic big suite for couple
- 2 normal suite for couples
- a comfortable dressing room for hotel customers that go around the hotel in swimsuit (reserved to hotel customers that don't want to use public bath and public dressrooms)
- coffee-chocolate-breakfast area (with little kitchen for do-it-yourself-breakfast)
- restaurant

All rooms have bath and room-service.
Panoramic Suite has a living-room with large windows to enjoy the snowy view

U can see an image of restaurant and coffee-area below clicking thumbnail.


I don't know why, the beautiful half-walls (Perfectly plank half walls in 12 colors)by JLonier @ mts2 weren't exported:
download it here

Maxis recolours are not included:

Wood recolour of reception by Miss Piggi :
download here

Wood recolour of sauna by Miss Piggi :
download here

Beige recolour of pool stairs by Miss Piggi :
download here

Wood recolour of table by Miss Piggi :
download here

Maxis Inground Spa Recolours by Cathy @ :
download here

Recolour of Maxis Rug by
download it here

Bedding by
download here- bedding 035

Recolours of vertical frame standard height by khakidoo :
download them here

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price: 190,300 §

Custom Content Included:
- Rock stone wall by Jope-SimplyStyling
- Rock stone floor by Jope-SimplyStyling
- Jope_bath1_deco3 by Jope-SimplyStyling
- Rec of deco by Jope-SimplyStyling
- Jope_bath1_decotowels by Jope-SimplyStyling
- Rec of towel by Jope-SimplyStyling
- Painting Tri by Suza-SimplyStyling
- carpet morea by MissPiggi @ piggis-sims
- ATS Mutine - Bedroom - Armchair by By Sandy @ Around the Sims 2
- White rec of armchair by By Sandy @ Around the Sims 2
- outdoor set 01 wall 04 by Margierytka @ mts2
- Jope_living2_lounger by Jope at
- Mountain Arch by By Chrissy6930 @ ts2creation
- Mountain Attic Window by By Chrissy6930 @ ts2creation
- Mountain Attic Window by By Chrissy6930 @ ts2creation
- Mountain Privacy Door by By Chrissy6930 @ ts2creation
- Rec of door by By Chrissy6930 @ ts2creation
- Mountain Privacy Window by By Chrissy6930 @ ts2creation
- Mountain Transom Sidelight by By Chrissy6930 @ ts2creation
- wood floor by parsimonious
- wood floor 2 by parsimonious
- wood panel by parsimonious
- wood panel 2 by parsimonious
- wood floor by parsimonious
- Double bed by modersims @
- Tisch by modersims @
- Traumschleier - curtain by marilu @
- Ailias Modern wall TV nightlife req by Ailias @ mts2
- Seamless WallWindow Column - by Numenor by Numenor @ mts2
- Seamless WallWindow (diagonal) - by Numenor by Numenor@ mts2
- Seamless WallWindow - by Numenor by Numenor@ mts2
- Flat Rock by Nenji65 at SimsCrossing
- Scatterd Rocks by Nenji65 at SimsCrossing
- Scattered rocks - small by Nenji65 at SimsCrossing
- Standing stone 1 by Nenji65 at SimsCrossing
- Standing stone 2 by Nenji65 at SimsCrossing
- stucco wall by by Jilly @ lsre
- Rock Fencing (Grey) by Jonesi @ mts2
- Paper Moon Ceiling Light by Ailias @ mts2
- ATS Epure Bathroom -Coffee End Table 001 by By Sandy @ Around the Sims 2
- needful things by birgit @
- Beam of Wood Version2 by -Maylin- @ mts2
- Vertical Frame Standard Height by khakidoo @ mts2
- SD's Recolors set of Numenor's Wall/Windows by silvertreedrake @ mts2
- Brunnen "simland mall" by von olemantiker at
- white wood wall by tiramisu @
- wall wood by made by Nofrena ;-)Wood for Sims