Object Sound (Soundinfo) Fix for Maxis Objects

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Uploaded: 12th Oct 2008 at 8:38 PM
Updated: 24th Jul 2011 at 8:03 AM

Objects make distinctive noises when Sims are interacting with them. Some objects like chairs or tables have several different kinds of noises, depending on the material they were made of.
For example, base game wooden dining chairs make distinctively different noises from the cheapest plastic Patio chair or expensive Colonial dining chairs. Base game 3-tiled Victorian dining table with glass tabletop makes a different noise from the base game wooden Talking Table.
Sound files used by an object are referenced by STR# 0x94 (soundinfo), e.g. base game Colonial dining chair has two lines in STR# 0x94, cloth (cushion sound) and wood (chair leg sound).

However, object sounds were largely disregarded in all subsequent EPs. A lot of EP objects have wrong object sound, like Seasons roofed bench with a cushy sofa noise. Some end tables and most bars will not make any sound at all, because they don't even have STR# 0x94.

This mod fixes the wrong object sounds on most Maxis objects, including chairs, sofas, tables, bars, counters and doors.

Yes, I'm picky about these little things. I know it's something very trivial, perhaps no one would care except an OCD-like type like me. Nonetheless, it was one of pet peeves of mine. Wrong object noises are offensive to me.

For reference:

Dining Chairs: (cushion) cloth, plas, wood, office / (chair leg) wood, metal, office
Living Chairs / Sofas / Bar Stools: cloth, leath, wood
Tables: wood, glass, lino, marble, plastic, metal
Doors: wdchp, wdexp, wdglass, metal
Gates: gwdchp, gwdexp, gmetalchp, gmetalexp
Stairs: wood, cment, metal, marble


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v1.0: Initial release.

Additional Credits:

Everyone who contributed to the development of SimPE