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Queen Bee's Boarding House - No CC

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Uploaded: 22nd Oct 2008 at 10:59 PM
Hello there! I am Simylicious and I have returned with another beautiful apartment lot. Available for you is "Queen Bee's Boarding House". This house is for sims who are just getting started on their own and are a little strapped for cash. Instead of renting a full apartment, they can rent a room in Ms. Olay's house. Everything they would need is fully accessible in the common areas. To give you a little more details, let me introduce you to Ms. Olay...

"Good day to you. My name is Ms. Bea Olay also know as the Queen Bee.
I am seeking tenants to occupy my newly renovated boarding house.
There are six rooms for rent and I believe the amounts are reasonable.
Everything you would need to live comfortably is available here.

The amenities are as follows:
Large Full kitchen including diner seating and bar
Living area
Fitness room
Library w/free internet access
Pool area with hot tub
4 full bathrooms
Mini observatory [for the stargazers]
Private balcony access
Barbecue area for cookouts

Here are the rules for all tenants:

I am allergic to all forms of animals so pets are not allowed.
With respect to the peace and quiet of the environment, my rooms are not for small families.
Clean up after yourself.
Rent is due in full every Monday morning. My groundskeeper/hired landlord will collect it.
Peace and quiet between the hours of 9pm and 7am.
No horseplay in the common areas. This house is for civilized sims only!

I appreciate full observance of all rules at all times and reserve the right raise the rent of anyone who doesn't comply. Now if you'll excuse me I will take my leave. I bid you adeiu."

Rent: $370 - $651
6 units

Not recommended for small families or families with pets, but you can play how you want.

Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price: $370 - $651