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Beautiful Browns - Vintage dresses for adults and elders

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Uploaded: 25th Mar 2009 at 7:07 PM
Two short sleeve and two long sleeve dresses using 1930s meshes from All About Style. Meshes are included in the rars.

Though neutral in tone the fabrics are exciting in pattern and provide a variety of design details.
The first dress is an abstract floral that has almost an animal print effect and is embellished with two self print bows and a lively red flower at the neck. Matching red shoes complement the frock.
A vivid plaid is next in line with a creamy bow at the surplice neckline and cream leather accents on pocket and belt. The off center front buttons are hidden behind a bias strip that adds additional dash to the design.
These two dresses would be eminently suitable for any casual affair and would draw all eyes to the wearer. The two long sleeved dresses are more elegant and suitable for any semi-formal wear from attending church to afternoon teas or evening cocktails. They could even be worn by mothers of the bride and groom.
The darker of these, in a silk crepe, is called Symphony. It is accented with a soft shawl collar and a large floppy bow in a solid brown. Large shiny gold buttons march from neckline to waist and also anchor the long cuffs.
The last dress, Gentle Flowers, is in silk crepe de chine and is much softer in tone. Again gold buttons fasten bodice and cuffs with a matching gold buckle on the self fabric belt but the most striking adornment is the draped collar which falls in soft folds across the bosom.

All four dresses are enabled for both adult and elder. I plan to enable the two long sleeved dresses for formal in my game but they are currently only for everyday.

Thanks to Judie at All About Style for her meshes and her encouragement. And thanks to everyone here who has answered questions and helped me in so many ways.