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Vintage Back to School Collection - Hunter Green part 2

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Uploaded: 30th Aug 2009 at 11:51 PM
Here are hunter green coordinates for the adult male teachers or for young adult students or even for Dad to wear to those PTA meetings. Five pairs of slacks and seven shirts provide a wide array of looks.

Two pair of full-cut, pleated slacks in a bright olive tweed and a darker herringbone weave utilize the vintage mesh from All About Style which is included in the rar. These look smashing with neatly tucked in shirts which are available in three coordinating solids, a stripe and a print. (These slacks do not pair well with the untucked shirts.)

Three pair of more closely fitted slacks come in a solid hunter, a wide stripe and an olive tweed. These look great under the two untucked shirts, one in a gold check, the other in a lichen green plaid. They require a mesh by t2suggas which can be found here. If you got this mesh for the elders' shirts you don't need to get it again.

All these items are available for young adults. The lichen plaid shirt is also available for elders.