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Vintage dresses for teens

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Uploaded: 24th Feb 2009 at 10:25 PM
Updated: 13th May 2009 at 3:52 PM - error in files corrected
Here are four sets of vintage dresses for teens. These are similar to dresses my cousins and I wore in the forties and fifties.
The first two sets use the vintage teen mesh from All About Style which is included below in a separate file.

Set 1 includes two simple shirtwaist dresses, one in solid pink and one in oatmeal with a checkered collar and belt. The third dress is a jumper in a bubble print with a pleated front blouse with print cuffs.

Set 2 is three simple knit dresses. Braided trim in a darker shade covers the seam between the bodice and the gathered skirt while two rows of matching piping define the waist and also trim the neckline.

Sets 3 and 4 use Maxis meshes.

Set 3 consists of bolero style outfits. A dark red bolero coordinates with a red floral print dress while a white bolero contrasts with a turquoise print. A navy bolero vest and skirt are complemented with a navy and white dotted swiss blouse. These dresses use a Nightlife mesh.

Set 4 includes a simple gold jumper paired with a russet blouse and matching pumps. Two different plaid dresses complete the set. One is a turquoise and russet plaid with a scoop neck, the other a diagonal plaid of aqua, peach and black with a white Peter Pan collar. Both of these dresses come with coordinating neckscarves. These two also use a Nightlife mesh.

Here are closeups of details of two of the dresses in set 1.

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to Judie of All About Style. http://www.all-about-style.com
Her wonderful meshes and skins in her 1930s, 40s and 50s themes inspired me to create an entire neighborhood using this clothing and led to my making even more of it.

Thanks too to everyone here at MTS2 and to all the other sites I have visited. All of you together make this the best hobby I have ever had.

5/13/09 It has been brought to my attention that bump maps are messed up in some of these dresses. I can't see bump maps on my machine so my one attempt to create one is a disaster. That affects the dresses in sets 1 & 2. In set 4, I neglected to do anything at all with the Maxis bump map for the gold jumper which did not fit the dress at all. All bump maps have been smoothed out so should no longer look strange. If you are able to see bump maps please redownload sets 1,2 and 4. If you aren't there is no benefit in redownloading except for the fact that the files are a lot smaller.